Saturday, April 30, 2005

$4 buffet? ($3.00 for takeout)

After the movie, I decide to walk for while. It is pretty nice weather today and I have not been to Chinatown for couple of months. I walk all the way to other end of canal st. by the bridge. When I was about to go home, I found this place to eat.
“$4 for 5 different dish buffet or only $3.00 for take out” as much as I like fine dining, I am a cheapie and I like to save me some cash. Foods were not what you would expected from regular Chinese buffet. They do have good selection of different dishes but they are more like Chinese-Chinese food not American-Chinese food. Than again, there isn’t food that I do not like J I guess if you do live near Chinatown, short on cash and do not mind weird food, you can’t beat $3.00 for takeout.

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