Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie #7 Reeker

Davon Gummersall, Tina Illman, and Director Dave Payne Posted by Hello

I only had one movie to watch today. I am very tired from lack of sleep lately so, I was kind of happy to see only one movie during afternoon. I need to go to sleep early today. Movie I watched today was “Reeker”. It turned out that this movie rocks! This movie might not be Oscar worthy but it did entertain me hell of it.

The movie has similar horror movie plot about bunch of collage kids lost in nowhere but somehow director Dave Payne made this movie stand out from others. I could not believe movie with such a high production value was independent and have no distributor yet. I could easily see this movie playing Movie Theater and making decent profit.

Special effect was great and twists & surprise during and end of movie was great. I especially enjoyed unexpected humor, one minute you are at the edge of the seat than all of sudden some funny stuff breakout. I can see great future for director.

Here is some useless info,

Abandon motel in this movie is same one as one in movie “Identity”

Main actress Tina Illman is also producer of the movie and she is now married to director Dave Payne.

For next movie, director wants to either make PG-13 horror movie with suspense instead of gory or rate R movie with super violence and gory.

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