Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival: Neo Ned

I made it into Movie Theater with little enough time to pick up my reserved ticket and hang outside for few minutes. I was expecting a great deal of people outside standing on line. However, to my surprise not many people were outside waiting on line. I guess it is kind of chilly today.

While I was outside, I had chance to take pictures of who looks famous. I found out later that they were actors and director of movie “Neo Ned”, which is my first movie today.

Here are some info on “Neo Ned” according to TFF Guide;

NEO NEDDirector: Van FischerU.S.A.200597 minColorWorld Premiere
Starring :Gabrielle Union, Jeremy Renner, Sally Kirkland

They say opposites attract. What about an Aryan Brother who falls for a black woman who thinks she's Adolf Hitler after their meeting in a mental institution? This seemingly impossible connection is the start of a love story unlike none other. Jeremy Renner and Gabrielle Union star in one of the most original romances of recent times

I really liked this movie. It was great movie to start TFF for me. I guess it is romantic movie, just really twisted and dark one… It shows that even most screwed up people can find love and happiness in their own way. When I think about that, it give me hope somehow…

To my surprise, Gabriel Union was not playing hot sizzling chick but she was playing woman with past history and no make up. Even without make up and down and dirty look, she still looked good in movie. In person, as I saw her today, she looked smoking~.

Male lead was play by actor name Jeremy Renner and he was really great! As much as I like to look at Gabrielle Union, I could not stop thinking about how great his acting was.

From Left to Right; Jeremy Renner, Sally Kirkland, and director Van Fischer

Hot Hot Hot !!!

Ms. Union's Actress friends, I looks very familiar but does not know their names

Richard Riehle, He had small role in this movie.
He was great in Office Space.


Anonymous said...


Gabrielle's two actress friends, from left to right, are Jill Marie Jones ("Girlfriends") and Essence Atkins ("Half and Half").

I am a big fan of Gabrielle's. How much screen time does she have in the film? Also, is she convincing in the role?



Hazel said...

do you know when the movie will be released so everyone can see it? I mean do you know if it will be in theaters?