Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie #4 The Baxter

I am kind of person who gets lost. I have no sense of direction of whatsoever. I had to get to Pace Schimmel Center for movie “The Baxter”. To my surprise, I was not only one who was late. Due to different location than usual Regal Battery Park Movie Theater, many people were late, so movie started little late.

Here is basic story of movie I got from Tribeca Film Festival Guide;

“Bubbly soufflé of a screwball romantic comedy starring the film's writer-director as Elliot Sherman, who is the classic guy left at the altar in old romantic movies. Elliot could miss out on his perfect match because he is so focused on the blonde bombshell who will never love him, but might marry him. Also starring Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Williams, and Justin Theroux.”

Movie was really funny as it was more of screwball than romantic comedy. Director/main character Michael Showalter did great job both acting and directing the movie. It feels like he was trying little too hard at time but nonetheless I like the whole concept of the movie and had good laugh.

Peter Dinklage plays wedding planner and whenever scenes he was in, he steals the movie. They could have whole another movie based on his character.

Almost entire cast of film was there for Q&A session after the movie. Only person who wasn’t there was Michelle Williams. I found out that director were in group called Stella. According to info I found on imdb.com;

“STELLA is a three-man comedy troupe from New York City, comprised of well-known comedians/actors Michael Showalter, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black. Though the three have made a living performing at comedy clubs, they are perhaps best known for their home-made short films. The STELLA SHORTS have garnered cult success because of their nonsensical plotlines, absurd dialogue, graphic sexual humor, sporatic violence, and sheer hilarity.”

Most of the actors in the movie were also in Stella shorts and another movie called “Wet Hot American Summer”.

Most of the cast from "The Baxter" Posted by Hello

On the way back to subway, I saw Eric McCormack coming out from the movie and pose for couple of fans. I guess he came to see the movie just like regular fans. He was very nice toward all the fans asking for pictures. By the way, he was in one of my favorite movie called “Free Enterprise”.

He was very nice to his fans Posted by Hello

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