Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie#6 Rikidozan

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Second movie is saw was “Rikidozan” also called “Yeokdosan”. I was very disappointed upon finding out that none of people from the movie has show up for presentation or Q&A. I was kina hoping for it… When I found out that only less than half of people were in theater, I was even more disappointed. However, movie was not disappointment. It was actually one of best movie I saw from this festival.

Here is info from Tribeca Film Festival;

“This compelling bio-pic reveals the true story of Rikidozan, the Father of Japanese Wrestling. Rikidozan introduced American style wrestling to Japan and became a symbol of iconic heroism after World War II by continuously defeating the Americans in the ring with his famous karate chop-while concealing his Korean heritage”

I did have some idea who the Rikidozan was before the movie. I did know that he was one of most popular wrestler and was legend in Japan. Even I never watched him wrestle, only Korean wrestler’s names I remember are him and guy name “Kimil” who was Rikidozan’s student. But I did not know that he was one who created Japan Pro Wrestling and made popular. (Which influenced and made wrestling popular in Korean later)

Actor Kyung-gu Sol was excellent as Rikidozan and he gain weight and muscle plus leaned to speak Japanese for this role. After the movie someone comment that his Japanese was really good and sounded just like Japanese person.

This movie has 2 more showing this week and I hope more people show up to watch this great movie.

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