Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Waiting for Sith to happen

Finally, final Star wars Saga. Many people have been waiting for their life time for this. Fans are waiting in front of theater for months leading up to this moment. Will they be happy and satisfied or will they be disappointed? As for me, I do enjoy the Star wars movies and also Star Trek movies but I do not consider myself a fan-boy. I do not buy/collect Star wars toys nor dress up as one or know the all the detail about little things. I simply enjoy the movies. I would not wait on line for months or weeks to be first one to watch it. However, I do think that those people might be hardcore fans but I would never consider them losers or have no life.

It is so bad for one to be so involved in things they like? (Beside obvious things that could hurt others or self like drug) I believe we all are geeks in someway or another. What’s so different between person collecting fine art/antique and person who collects comic books/videogames/action figures? They both doing stuff they love and enjoy. If you want to push it further, I think person who spends thousands dollars on art/antique is crazier than later.

As long as they do not go in so deep that it could hurt self or others, I do support any kind of geek-ness or hobbies people have, however weird as they get.

What’s my weirdest obsession or geek-ness hobby? Well, I do like buying/collecting Superman statues/figures and I like cute monkey, ape dolls/toys. Why? That is for another time, another blog.

Anyway, here are pictures I took from both in NY and in CA. One thing I have notice in CA was that a lot of guys who was waiting on line had great looking girl friend with them. Even guys who dress as Jedi or Storm Trooper had good looking girls next to them. Hey, maybe it’s LA thing… Maybe it’s just me but I did notice more hot looking girls in LA.

In NY, they were taking a shift waiting line and they were also doing benefit for the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation. Whole event looked extremely well organized and despite the some rumor, place was very neat and cleaned. People were very friendly and I could not smell any kind of geek-ness. (Well, beside maybe one guy who was playing Star wars videogame in the back of tent) I just wished I had more time, I went there during lunch hour, to ask them question and get to know them.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Unleashed (Danny the Dog) Movie Review

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It’s kind of late review of film but better late than never ;)
I seen this movie on opening night and I was surprise to see about half of the seat was empty. I would thought it would be at least near full on opening night… Most of audience in the movie was either Asian or African American. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I wish this movie reach more wider audience, may on DVD…

How do I like this movie? I think this is the best US Jet Li movie, even though this movie was made in Europe. Style of fighting is much different from previous movies he done and that made this film better and more interesting. In this movie he uses mix of martial arts and street fighting style. He block punch with his head, yes his head. All the fighting looked very brutal and realistic without wire-fu effect. I specially loved fight sequence in small restroom. It is one of Jet Li’s best works in long time.
One of complaint I had about US Jet Li movies were he could not speak good English and it effected he’s acting skill. Even he is not Oscar worthy by watching his Asian movies; you can tell he is fine actor. Maybe it’s just me but when he spoke in English, he voice sounded very different from his Chinese voice. He sounded like bad guy.. However, in this movie he has finally overcome those problems. He does good job acting and even tone of voice does not sound like villain.
Watching this movie kind of remained me of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movie “Nowhere to Run” I know it’s totally different movie with different story, but this is movie where Mr. Damme try to put more drama/acting into his movie. In this movie, despite great action, there is more drama/acting than Mr. Li’s other US movies.
Morgan Freeman was solid as usual however; it was one of his weaker performances. (Maybe it’s just me) Another thing that bothers me was that Jet Li looked 40-ish, I don’t know how old he is suppose to be in the movie, but girl he fell in loved is suppose to be around 18. Just kinda fell weird...
If you like Jet Li, martial arts movie, and/or action movie just go see it and thank me later.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Arrive in LA

Wednesday, May 17th

It’s now 2:30am in the morning in LA. I have finally settled into small hole called hotel room. So far, trip has been… well, ok for first official business trip for my own business if you can call it. Here is today’s trip recap;
As usual my friend/business associate JG was running late, however as I always tell him, somehow it almost always works out for him even in worst situation. By the time we got to airport, we were running very late, we had only about 15min to make it into our departure gate, because JG decide to pack for the trip about an hour before the departure time. For me, I was ready to go couple of days ago, all packed and all. Maybe different between our odd couple-ness could be reason our friendship has survived for so long. Trust me, you don’t want clone of yourself as your friend. Why would I want someone like me when I can’t even stand myself?
Anyway, even we were running late, somehow flight gets delay due to flight attendant calling sick, so they have to wait for replacement to arrive. Once again somehow it almost always works out.
During flight, everything was just dandy beside the fact that my behind was sore from long flight.
When we arrived in LA, not like NY, we had to wait for about 30min for Taxi and driver could not find our hotel and we had to ask for direction for hotel that was less than a mile away from LAX airport. Also, upon arriving at hotel, to my surprise, or should I say to my expectation, room that we have reserved was somehow no longer available. Only room that we could get was smaller room with one bed. Hey, I am a man enough to sleep on the floor or share large, really large, bed with another guy/friend (not that there is anything wrong with that, if you are into that stuff, which I am totally not) However that’s not the point. Point is that I paid for larger room with two beds!
Is that kind of stuff happening to me because somehow I expected them to happen? Is it because I always expect the worst? I try to be more positive, but it is very hard for person like me who is often insecure and depress.
Tomorrow, actually today morning, is not just another day but very important day. I should think positive and wish for the best. I must go to sleep now, I have to wake up 7:00am and it’s now 3:00am.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Neo Ned & Gabby Union update, part 2

It seems that most popular feature in my blog is one from the Tribeca Film Festival, one with Gabby Union picture. It is now under April section and few people e-mail me with problem finding it. (or lazy to search for it :))

Here is link


enjoy ;) and keep reading

Also, people who post comments, it show up as anonymous. If you want private or e-mail reply I need to know e-mail address. You can always send private comment or e-mail to Biggercup@aol.com

Now, I have to leave for JFK airport. Wish me luck in LA!

Are we slave to Technology?

Is it good to be here now? I mean is it good time to be alive?
I can’t imagine a life without Cell phone, PC, Internet, DVD Player, Videogames, Movies, etc. However those things are all based on technology. What would happen if that stuff disappeared? Instead of using technology for better ourselves and make life easier, are we slave to it? Even I am typing this on PC L Even I do not use or listened to music on MP3 player such as IPOD or use cell-phone like other people do, I can’t imagine life without my beloved computers. Yes, I do own 3 computers, one in my office, one in my room and one in my parents, and I am planning to buy Laptop also. I feel like better & faster the technology gets I spend more time on it instead less.
It’s just so ironic that such technology as internet and cell phone was supposes to bring world and people together. However, sometime people isolate themselves more since they do not necessitate meeting people to communicate.
Is there solutions? Is there answer? Maybe, Maybe not, but do not look for me to have solutions nor answer. I, myself is already shy and lonely enough. I try hard to not to be shy, lonely and depress, however it is not easy to be always happy and shiny as some people sees me. It could be that, that’s why I find such a comfort in escaping into technology.
Why this thought all of sudden? It could be trip to LA this week, E3 show. All three big companies have announced their next generation videogame system and it looks more high tech as ever. They all look like they are capable of doing everything besides washing window. It finally looks as technology is not catching up to us but we now have to catch up to technology. That how advance and incredible those new systems looks.
They all support High Definition TV (1080!) and widescreen plus 5.1 Dolby digital. I am so pleased that I have HD TV already J No longer they are just simple videogame system, now you can watch movie, play music, download contents, and more. It is finally becoming home multimedia system. (all for mostly likely under $300.00) Are we going to have time to go outside and do normal stuff if these units really take off? Or are we going to be staying home in front of TV, HD TV that is, all day? I hope I don’t. Even thought, I know, I will be spending sleepless night when those systems first come out….

Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting ready for E3 show

Sunday, May 15

Been crazy busy lately… I was everywhere from suffolk county Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and back to New York city. All in the name of working hardJ
I knew working and setting up my own business is going to be challenge but… man it is a lot of stress. I can handle the tiredness and sore muscles, but mental stress is very hard to handle.

Anyway, I am leaving Tuesday night to Los Angeles for E3 show. I must get ready. I already know it will be harder than I can imagine. I must prepare to face that challenge and there will be no one to help me but myself. I should pray…

On completely, different news, I been using my new camera and it is much better than my old one so far. I was kind of worry about battery life but so far so good. I will be using this digital camera in LA.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

New Digital Camera

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Despite the fact that I said, I was not going to buy a new digital camera; I finally got a new one. Then again, to my defense, I only got it because it came with a new printer I got for my new office. Computer store Micro Center had on sale for $180.00. Usually printer alone cost around $120.00 - $130.00. So, why not spend extra $50.00?
It is not the best digital camera but it is much better than what I have and it is cheapest I could find. I have check the eBay and camera alone go for at least $100.00 or more.

Old camera has only 2X zoom, 1.0MP and it is heavy, new camera, HP M307 is only half a size, lighter, 3X zoom, and 3.2MP.

So, all the people who complained about bad quality pictures don’t worry now, I will post better pictures now on. Unless, it was my photo taking skill that was bad…

Monday, May 09, 2005

Half-Life 2 PC Game Review

I finally finished PC game “Half-Life 2”. I put this game on my new, ultimate PC to maximize & squeeze best game-play and graphic as possible. Even I did not like the idea of forced registration on-line just to play, game was fantastic in almost everyway. One of few downside, letdown, was the ending. Ending is worse than now infamous ending of “Halo 2”. How can ending be worse than Halo 2? I do not know… I do not know…

Here are upsides,

Graphic is incredible and game-play is fun. It’s so good that even my friend JG who does like PC games and cannot play with Keyboard/Mouse, was playing this game for hours straight.
Physics engine and gravity gun; It’s so fun playing with gravity gun which can be used to pick up and manipulate objects like boxes, barrels, chairs, etc.
No jumping puzzle like first Half-Life’s Xen level. However, I do miss alien world just not the Mario jumping puzzles.
Did I mention the Graphic?

Here are downsides,

Ending sucks and there is almost no story.
It loads between sections; even it is not that long but long enough to annoy me.
Wish had more weapons.

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Busy summer schedules or Things to come

This summer happens, many things that is (Yoda speaks?)

I am hoping for productive months of May and June. If I schedule just right and be not too lazy, I might pull it off.

Let’s see my schedules for next couple of month.

I have business trip next week. I am going to LA for Electronic Entertainment Expo also known as E3 show. Many expected me going there for fun and it is fun ,also crazy and chaotic place, but I am really going there for business.

Subway Cinema presents New York Asian Film Festival in June 17th – 30th. Schedules is not finalized yet, but they do seems to have more movies I have not seen or hear about and that is always good news.

Summer Movie mania; many movies to watch… Big budget films Starwars Episode III (did you know that it is technically independent movie?), Batman Begins (must watch it in IMAX), and War of the Worlds. As my friends know me, I also like to watch small movies from drama to foreign movies. I hope I can find great small films mist of big budget features.

TV show season finales; I am so excited about season finales of my favorite shows. Lost, Desperate Housewives, Kevin Hills, Veronica Mars, Smallville, and than some. Is it me or is this year has one of best TV shows in recent memory.

Oh, and last but not least, most importantly, my new business ventures. I must work hard… that is all I can do.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Neo Ned Update

I been getting couple of question regarding movie “Neo Ned” Since I do not know how to reply post with no e-mail address, I guess I will try to answer here.

Marliyn, thank for the information regarding Gabrielle Union’s friends. Ms. Union plays main character and she is in the movie about 80%. She does great job and she does not play usual pretty & sexy character. She look as she did not use any make-up in the movie.

Hazel, I do not know when the movie will be release on regular movie theater. Since movie is great, they should not have any problem getting distributor.

End of Tribeca Film Festival and XXX2

Very crazy busy days…
First of all I could not make it to both movies on Saturday and Sunday. Antibodies and Nightwatch, both movies were top of my list and I could not wait to see both. However, I guess I could wait. My mind said yes but my body said no…
I been working like crazy and couldn’t get enough sleep for last 2 weeks. Even I did not go to Tribeca Film Festival last weekend, I was still working most of days even on weekend.

I did have small time enough left to see “XXX 2” (or is it XXX XXX?) starring Ice Cube with my friends. Overall movie was decent but weird… There was some-part, actually a lot of part, in the movie where movie characters cracks jokes but no one in the audience was laughing. Even very easily amused, I thought those jokes weren’t funny. Also, at the end of the movie, super special force soldier was rescue by XXX just to die seconds later in most dumb way possible. I understand it is action movie and I try to not think about it and just enjoy the movie, sometimes it is too much for me to handle. I also could not believe they killed off Vin Diesel’s original XXX character. However, I did like the action sequences and Samuel Jackson is always great.