Wednesday, May 04, 2005

End of Tribeca Film Festival and XXX2

Very crazy busy days…
First of all I could not make it to both movies on Saturday and Sunday. Antibodies and Nightwatch, both movies were top of my list and I could not wait to see both. However, I guess I could wait. My mind said yes but my body said no…
I been working like crazy and couldn’t get enough sleep for last 2 weeks. Even I did not go to Tribeca Film Festival last weekend, I was still working most of days even on weekend.

I did have small time enough left to see “XXX 2” (or is it XXX XXX?) starring Ice Cube with my friends. Overall movie was decent but weird… There was some-part, actually a lot of part, in the movie where movie characters cracks jokes but no one in the audience was laughing. Even very easily amused, I thought those jokes weren’t funny. Also, at the end of the movie, super special force soldier was rescue by XXX just to die seconds later in most dumb way possible. I understand it is action movie and I try to not think about it and just enjoy the movie, sometimes it is too much for me to handle. I also could not believe they killed off Vin Diesel’s original XXX character. However, I did like the action sequences and Samuel Jackson is always great.

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