Saturday, April 09, 2005

Star Wars Republic Commando PC is good!!

I just finished playing "Star Wars Republic Commando" for PC.
Game was little on short side as I finished it about in a week. When people thing about Star Wars or Star Wars games, often they would think about Jedi battle or X-Wing-ish space battle. However, this game is more of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six type of special Ops, Military type squad game.

It's kind of weird to play as Clone trooper (even as elite trooper) due to the fact that they are all clone of one person. (Jango Fett) Under the mask they all have same face :0

Graphic looks great on my PC and runs very smooth without any slowdown. Control was fairy standard FPS and I had no problem playing it.

Only thing I can complant about this game was the ending. It ends right before the events in Episode III, makes me want to run to movie theather and stand on-line.
There is rumor that these guys might be in the Episode III. I hope so... even for a second.

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