Friday, December 30, 2005

Tonight's Dinner

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Tonight’s dinner was instant noodle with kimchi and boiled eggs.
I should use little more water in the noodle soup. It was made with rice so, taste was better than regular instant noodle. (Maybe little healthier too if that make sense)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today's breakfast & lunch

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I had waffle w/sauage for late breakfast/lunch.
It's good to have waffle for lunch at 3:00pm.

I am not suppose to drink too much coffee. However, once in a while is ok.. I guess x-(

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Death of Working Designs

Working Designs Officially Dead

As long as I remember, I loved and played Working Designs Games.
I remember playing those games and losing countless hours of sleep. Sega CD and Sega Saturn had one of best titles for Working Designs. “Lunar Silver Star Story” which had anime cut scene and full voice for one of first time for RPG games and one of my favorite Sega Saturn game was “Magic Knight Rayearth”
I can still remember the music for Magic Knight Rayearth… Oh, man! Memories…

I got so into those games that time, I even tracked down old classics such as Exile and Vasteel for Turbografx system. Excluding Parasol Stars, I either owned or own all the Working Designs titles and beat most of them.

I guess since more and more companies are bring out more RPG and obscure games, just look at game like Katamari, there is no need for company like Working Designs anymore.

I know, I do not have much time to play RPG game nor any games for that matter. However, I do treasure those time I have spent playing great games. I wish everyone at Working Designs great luck in the future.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter snow

Just writing holiday card to my friends…
Snow looks good but hate to clean it.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Goodbye.. Mike

While working yesterday, I heard the news that one of Postal Worker “Mike” has passed during weekend. I just saw him on Saturday and he was ok… They told me he had heart attack or stroke… Although, I only knew him for about two month or so, he was great person. I remember, he would talk to me about him retiring soon and moving to other state. I guess he did move to better place, rest his soul. I just cannot believe how someone can go, just like that….
     Even I do not like my own father too much, I do wish him to be live little longer…
When people I know pass, it makes me question life; it’s meaning and own immortality. Life is short and you only live once, what is truly important in my life?