Monday, April 11, 2005

If you want to get it done...

I you want to get it done, do it yourself!!

Today, I leaned lesson that I knew for long time. I guess if I know it I should practice it too.
I had been asking my friend to get me important document from Brooklyn for 2 days. I figured since he is going there anyway, he could easily do it for me. However, both times he could not do me a simple favor for some reason. I guess even for best of friend, if it’s not important to him, it’s not important to him.

Respect your friend!!

Sometimes, good friend treat each others without much thought. Even among good friends, friendship is relationship and in any relationships (between family, lovers, co-workers, etc.) you have to have at least basic respect. I should always remember this.
Your such and such friend might be such and such but you do not have to be on same level and be such and such too J

Anyway, I should go to Brooklyn tomorrow and get that important document myself.

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