Wednesday, August 29, 2007

God of War 2

Upon returning from trip to New York, I really needed exorcise all the stress I got from driving for six hours plus work related stress.

So, I pop in the God of War 2 for Playstatino 2 and I went ape kaka-poo-poo. I took a dinner break and did some paper work for couple of hours, then got back to finish this hard-hard-hard game.

Come to think of it, I have not played PS2 games in…. I don’t even remember when last time I played PS2 was.

I been playing B-C titles for a while and just playing this game makes me shiver with joy. However, even on normal, game was hard enough for me to curse at the Kratos for repeat death.

Only disappointment was the ending… I was expecting for final big battle and then… to be continue.I hated it when Halo 2 pulled that stunt and now it seems more and more titles are using it as sorry excuse for not having great ending.

+1 point for my wife Jun looking at half-naked female character on the screen and saying “what the?” ,

Priceless…. ;)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

End of Eragon, Beginning of God of War II

Finally, I finished the game Eragon. The game was not all that bad as what other people said, but it wasn’t that great either.

Anyway, I am happy to finish this game and move on to next challenge. By the way, I tried to rent the Blueray disc at the Blockbuster and it’s all rented out. They even had all the new release titles on Blueray but stinky Eragon that I want to watch is not. Such a irony.

I am going to finish the God of War 2 that I stopped playing a few months ago.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Eragon the Dragon pt.2

I finally got pass the stage where I had to play as Sephira the Dragon. I had to play on easy to get by…

Now I am back to playing on foot and kicking some ass. (on hard mode as I might add)

I am going to Blockbuster video and rent "Eragon" on blueray this weekend.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eragon the Dragon

I been playing Eragon for XBOX360 that I got it for cheap price about a month ago. Even I did not watch the movie or read the book, I figure I will have decent fun and maybe collect some achievement point too.

Also, who does not like playing as Dragon?

I think I am about mid section of game and although, I am having somewhat fun playing as human character, I just do not like playing as Dragon. I know I suck at almost all flying or driving games but at least I do have fun in some of them. Is it me or Eragon is pain to control always bumping into the wall or tree and she gets hit far too easy.
And... It's female Dragon named Saphira...

I guess I will try to go back and play on normal or easy to finish the Dragon level quick.
I shall rent the movie soon as I am done playing this game. All the Reviews tell me movie is nothing special. However, I do love cheesy, nothing special kinda movie.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting back to reality...

It’s getting harder and harder to face the fact and accept the responsibility. We all must face reality sometime… sooner or later.

It’s such a hard reality we live in… we sometime create fantasy world to escape all the problems we are having. We indulge ourselves with such distraction that we seldom remember truth, fact and problem that we all must face in real world.

It’s hard, it’s very hard, it could seem like its almost impossible. However, we all must stand up and face what it is that we all must face. As I always tell my friend, “Sometime you must stand and take a shit like a man” I hope I can act on what I preach.


I have been playing “Eragon for XBOX360”. Riding on Dragon was not all I expected. Somehow I like the game more when I am fighting on ground instead or using Dragon. (why do I suck at playing anything that has to do with flying and driving?... I have no sense of direction :-])