Saturday, April 30, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie#9 Runaway

Thursday, April 26th

Today’s movie is “Runaway” Finally I did not get lost on the way to the movie theater today. Got off on right train (E), walked couple of block past World Trade Center site and I got there nice and on-time. J
Main actor in the movie is Aaron Stanford, who I thought looks very familiar. Only later I found out that he played Pryo in X-Men movies and he was also in one of my favorite movie “Spartan” (not the roman epic, but thriller directed by David Mamet and starring Val Kilmer.) He does great job portraying tortured character with secret past in Runaway.

Here is info about the movie from Tribeca Film Festival;

This Hitchcockian, psychological thriller tells the story of Michael, an emotionally disturbed teen who leaves home with younger brother Dylan to protect him from their dysfunctional, unstable family life. Through a series of flashbacks, shocking truths are revealed that leave you guessing until the film's final, eerie frame.

Film’s final part was shocking, you thought you knew where the story’s going to take you, then WAM! It just turns it upside-down. It shows how we as humans are very fragile being.

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From left to right, director Tim McCann, Melissa Leo, Aaron Stanford, Zack Savage, and writer Bill True.

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