Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie#8 I saw Interpreter instead of 7 Dwarves

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I was suppose to go to see tonight's movie "7 Dwarves" original title "7 Zwerge" one of highest grossing movie in German. However, all the lack of sleep plus bad weather finally slow me down.

Rain and thunder plus wind... not my kind of weather plus the fact that it ends after midnight.
Instead, I got home from work early, got some desreved sleep to recharge myself.
I did go to see the movie "Interpreter” in local movie theater. It did premiere in Tribeca Film Festival so; I guess it kind of count…

“Interpreter” how should I say this.. I like the fact that it’s pure adult movie. Not adult movie in a way that has violence or sex but adult movie in a sense that it does treat audience with respect.

One of my favorite actresses Nicole Kidman looks beautiful as ever in this movie and she does fantastic job. Sean Penn bring his fine performance to role that could been less affected if was done by wrong actor. Director Sydney Pollack is back to top of his game after past two disappointments (Sabrina and Random Hearts).

I do not want to ruin any major plot the movie, but for person who does not want to see this movie because it looks too white, such as some of my friend, or too drama-ish, I say just go watch the movie. Story will take you to where you do not expected to and there is enough thriller and action, especially Bus sequence.

For people who have watch the movie, I thought about Nicole Kidman character’s race. The movie’s main actress could be African American actress and it could make movie somewhat better in some part. Then again, whole movie wouldn’t be same and I do like this movie as it is.

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