Monday, April 18, 2005

Disciples: Sacred Lands

Here is screen shot Posted by Hello

I started playing Strategy/RPG game on PC called “Disciples: Scared Lands” today. Since this game came out 1999, graphic is not good as current titles. (This game was know to have good graphic at that time but I guess time has change) However, game play and fun is all there.

Since I do not have fast brain and reflex, I am not good at real time strategy games. I have hard time controlling one character in any game and in RTS games; I have to control 20+ characters all at same time. That’s one of reason I like turn base strategy game like this one. I can think and make decisions at my own leisure. Another reason I decide to play this game was its RPG element. I usually do not play strategy game unless it has some kind of RPG element in it. Me like RPG, me good. This Game plays like Ogre Battle and/or Heroes of Might and Magic series.

There are four different races to choose from. There are Empire (humans), Mountain Clan (elves?), Legions of the Damned (demons), and Undead Hoarde (Undead). I choose to play as Empire first.(I always pick good side first J)

So far I played for couple of hours and looks like this game is going to be long~long game. I hope I do not become addict to this game. I have many things to do beside playing this game….

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