Saturday, April 30, 2005

$4 buffet? ($3.00 for takeout)

After the movie, I decide to walk for while. It is pretty nice weather today and I have not been to Chinatown for couple of months. I walk all the way to other end of canal st. by the bridge. When I was about to go home, I found this place to eat.
“$4 for 5 different dish buffet or only $3.00 for take out” as much as I like fine dining, I am a cheapie and I like to save me some cash. Foods were not what you would expected from regular Chinese buffet. They do have good selection of different dishes but they are more like Chinese-Chinese food not American-Chinese food. Than again, there isn’t food that I do not like J I guess if you do live near Chinatown, short on cash and do not mind weird food, you can’t beat $3.00 for takeout.

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Tribeca Film Festival Movie #10 Slingshot

Friday, April 29th

Today’s movie was playing at different theater. Movie “Slingshot” was playing at Tribeca Cinemas, which is kind of far from Regal Cinemas Battery Park where they play it usually. Tribeca Cinemas was located at right at the end of china town below Canal st. Theater was nice and comfy if you see it nice way or small with uncomfortable chairs.

Slingshot looked very independent despite all the famous actors/actress in the movie. Maybe it was intended; maybe it was film they used. However, it did add to tone of the film.

Here is info on movie from Tribeca Film Festival;

“Ashley and Taylor are manipulative career grifters always on the make for lonely housewives. But their easy lifestyle hits a roadblock when Taylor romances April, the daughter of one of the wives. After he announces that she is joining them on the road, things quickly take a turn for the worse. With David Arquette, Thora Birch, Balthazar Getty, and Julianna Margulies.”

Many famous actors/actress are in this movie, David Arquette, Thora Birch, Balthazar Getty, Julianna Margulies, and Joely Fisher to mention. They all give great performance especially Balthazar Getty and David Arquette. I know many people still see David Arquette as joke who only makes dumd comedy. For me he has prove many times that he can act and he can act great. You can’t denied he does great job in Never Die Alone, Grey Zone and in this movie. He was also in the one of dumb & don’t think just watch it movie called See Spot Run. It’s one of DVD, I am not going to get rid of it. That movie is going to stay in my “dumb & don’t think just watch it” movie collection.

A great deal of movies I seen recently, Neo Ned, The Baxter, Alchemy, Rikidozan, Runaway, and even Interpreter, has theme of loneliness and wants to belong to someone or have family/companionship. Our society has became so hectic and machine dependent that even we do have people who we talk daily, such as family, friend, cashier’ at market, etc, do we truly have someone we can really talk, share secret, and be depend on? Even in crowded pond, are we all just lonely fish trying to find someone he/she belongs to? Can we truly live with a feeling of darkness and emptiness of being alone? It is like piece of puzzle wanting to find other piece to complete the puzzle. Maybe being happy and complete with love ones is better than being successful and rich. However, is that possible in modern society, which focus so much on power & money & technology?

At the end of the movie, they have scenes of Taylor and Ashley when they were younger. At first, I thought what a great make up or something because they actually look younger. I found out later in Q&A that those are actually footage from other movie “Where the Day Takes You” that was made in 1992, which both actors was in. It remind me of movie The Limey and how they use the old movie footage and incorporate into new movie.

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Writer Jay Alaimo and Director Matt Fiorello

Tribeca Film Festival Movie#9 Runaway

Thursday, April 26th

Today’s movie is “Runaway” Finally I did not get lost on the way to the movie theater today. Got off on right train (E), walked couple of block past World Trade Center site and I got there nice and on-time. J
Main actor in the movie is Aaron Stanford, who I thought looks very familiar. Only later I found out that he played Pryo in X-Men movies and he was also in one of my favorite movie “Spartan” (not the roman epic, but thriller directed by David Mamet and starring Val Kilmer.) He does great job portraying tortured character with secret past in Runaway.

Here is info about the movie from Tribeca Film Festival;

This Hitchcockian, psychological thriller tells the story of Michael, an emotionally disturbed teen who leaves home with younger brother Dylan to protect him from their dysfunctional, unstable family life. Through a series of flashbacks, shocking truths are revealed that leave you guessing until the film's final, eerie frame.

Film’s final part was shocking, you thought you knew where the story’s going to take you, then WAM! It just turns it upside-down. It shows how we as humans are very fragile being.

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From left to right, director Tim McCann, Melissa Leo, Aaron Stanford, Zack Savage, and writer Bill True.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie#8 I saw Interpreter instead of 7 Dwarves

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I was suppose to go to see tonight's movie "7 Dwarves" original title "7 Zwerge" one of highest grossing movie in German. However, all the lack of sleep plus bad weather finally slow me down.

Rain and thunder plus wind... not my kind of weather plus the fact that it ends after midnight.
Instead, I got home from work early, got some desreved sleep to recharge myself.
I did go to see the movie "Interpreter” in local movie theater. It did premiere in Tribeca Film Festival so; I guess it kind of count…

“Interpreter” how should I say this.. I like the fact that it’s pure adult movie. Not adult movie in a way that has violence or sex but adult movie in a sense that it does treat audience with respect.

One of my favorite actresses Nicole Kidman looks beautiful as ever in this movie and she does fantastic job. Sean Penn bring his fine performance to role that could been less affected if was done by wrong actor. Director Sydney Pollack is back to top of his game after past two disappointments (Sabrina and Random Hearts).

I do not want to ruin any major plot the movie, but for person who does not want to see this movie because it looks too white, such as some of my friend, or too drama-ish, I say just go watch the movie. Story will take you to where you do not expected to and there is enough thriller and action, especially Bus sequence.

For people who have watch the movie, I thought about Nicole Kidman character’s race. The movie’s main actress could be African American actress and it could make movie somewhat better in some part. Then again, whole movie wouldn’t be same and I do like this movie as it is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie #7 Reeker

Davon Gummersall, Tina Illman, and Director Dave Payne Posted by Hello

I only had one movie to watch today. I am very tired from lack of sleep lately so, I was kind of happy to see only one movie during afternoon. I need to go to sleep early today. Movie I watched today was “Reeker”. It turned out that this movie rocks! This movie might not be Oscar worthy but it did entertain me hell of it.

The movie has similar horror movie plot about bunch of collage kids lost in nowhere but somehow director Dave Payne made this movie stand out from others. I could not believe movie with such a high production value was independent and have no distributor yet. I could easily see this movie playing Movie Theater and making decent profit.

Special effect was great and twists & surprise during and end of movie was great. I especially enjoyed unexpected humor, one minute you are at the edge of the seat than all of sudden some funny stuff breakout. I can see great future for director.

Here is some useless info,

Abandon motel in this movie is same one as one in movie “Identity”

Main actress Tina Illman is also producer of the movie and she is now married to director Dave Payne.

For next movie, director wants to either make PG-13 horror movie with suspense instead of gory or rate R movie with super violence and gory.

Tribeca Film Festival Movie#6 Rikidozan

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Second movie is saw was “Rikidozan” also called “Yeokdosan”. I was very disappointed upon finding out that none of people from the movie has show up for presentation or Q&A. I was kina hoping for it… When I found out that only less than half of people were in theater, I was even more disappointed. However, movie was not disappointment. It was actually one of best movie I saw from this festival.

Here is info from Tribeca Film Festival;

“This compelling bio-pic reveals the true story of Rikidozan, the Father of Japanese Wrestling. Rikidozan introduced American style wrestling to Japan and became a symbol of iconic heroism after World War II by continuously defeating the Americans in the ring with his famous karate chop-while concealing his Korean heritage”

I did have some idea who the Rikidozan was before the movie. I did know that he was one of most popular wrestler and was legend in Japan. Even I never watched him wrestle, only Korean wrestler’s names I remember are him and guy name “Kimil” who was Rikidozan’s student. But I did not know that he was one who created Japan Pro Wrestling and made popular. (Which influenced and made wrestling popular in Korean later)

Actor Kyung-gu Sol was excellent as Rikidozan and he gain weight and muscle plus leaned to speak Japanese for this role. After the movie someone comment that his Japanese was really good and sounded just like Japanese person.

This movie has 2 more showing this week and I hope more people show up to watch this great movie.

Tribeca Film Festival Move #5 Alchemy

James Barbour and Thomas Cavanagh Posted by Hello

“Can an university computer scientist (Tom Cavanagh, best known from Urinetown and TV's Ed) make a woman fall in love with his interactive computer before she succumbs to a well-known professor? His job depends on it in this romantic comedy. Also starring Sarah Chalke, Illeana Douglas, and Celeste Holm.”

That is basic plot of movie I watched today called “Alchemy”, lighthearted comedy. I liked the fact that entire movie was shot in New York. Some part was even shot at Pace University, where I saw another movie just yesterday.

I like the story and acting was fine. Sarah Chalke, who play Samantha from TV show Scrub, was very fine. Somehow I felt that movie was little too sitcom-ish. Overall, I did like the movie but it wasn’t the best.

Director Evan Oppenheimer and actor/actress Thomas Cavanagh, James Barbour, Sarah Chalke, and Nadia Dajani was there for Q&A session after the movie.
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Oh and for the record, yes, it is my stinky digital camera. It' old. also lighting in movie theater is not so good.

Tribeca Film Festival Movie #4 The Baxter

I am kind of person who gets lost. I have no sense of direction of whatsoever. I had to get to Pace Schimmel Center for movie “The Baxter”. To my surprise, I was not only one who was late. Due to different location than usual Regal Battery Park Movie Theater, many people were late, so movie started little late.

Here is basic story of movie I got from Tribeca Film Festival Guide;

“Bubbly soufflĂ© of a screwball romantic comedy starring the film's writer-director as Elliot Sherman, who is the classic guy left at the altar in old romantic movies. Elliot could miss out on his perfect match because he is so focused on the blonde bombshell who will never love him, but might marry him. Also starring Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Williams, and Justin Theroux.”

Movie was really funny as it was more of screwball than romantic comedy. Director/main character Michael Showalter did great job both acting and directing the movie. It feels like he was trying little too hard at time but nonetheless I like the whole concept of the movie and had good laugh.

Peter Dinklage plays wedding planner and whenever scenes he was in, he steals the movie. They could have whole another movie based on his character.

Almost entire cast of film was there for Q&A session after the movie. Only person who wasn’t there was Michelle Williams. I found out that director were in group called Stella. According to info I found on;

“STELLA is a three-man comedy troupe from New York City, comprised of well-known comedians/actors Michael Showalter, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black. Though the three have made a living performing at comedy clubs, they are perhaps best known for their home-made short films. The STELLA SHORTS have garnered cult success because of their nonsensical plotlines, absurd dialogue, graphic sexual humor, sporatic violence, and sheer hilarity.”

Most of the actors in the movie were also in Stella shorts and another movie called “Wet Hot American Summer”.

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On the way back to subway, I saw Eric McCormack coming out from the movie and pose for couple of fans. I guess he came to see the movie just like regular fans. He was very nice toward all the fans asking for pictures. By the way, he was in one of my favorite movie called “Free Enterprise”.

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Late Update

I know, I know it's late. I need to update it with pictures and story about me and Tribeca Film Festival, etc.

I been crazy tired and so little time to do...
I been getting home 2:00am for past 3 days from the Tribeca. I still have to work and do normal stuff so I been really tired and not having enough time.

I will have all the update tomorrow.

Now, I have get out of the office and head to Tribeca for another adventure!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Four out of Five Cast from the show, that girl with cell phone is blocking the 5th cast member.Posted by Hello

Cookin' at the Minetta Lane Theatre Posted by Hello

I went to see Off-Broadway production of “Cookin’” today with my parents. It was surprise gift for my mother’s birthday. I took the day off from the Tribeca Film Festival and it turned out to be a great decision.

Cookin’ was excellent!!! It was funny, loud and crrrrazy!! If you are in New York, you must check out this show. I never had fun like this for so long. Experience of watching live show is such a fun and totally different than watching movie. I should try to watch more Broadway & Off-Broadway shows.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Movie #3 Layer Cake

2nd movie I watch was actually collection of Short films. Seven different short films from around world. Some were good others were just ok. All the directors and some actors were there to talk about the films after. However, as soon as movie was over I had to rush to my next and final movie of the day. I wish I could stay for Q&A session and some photo but I only had about 5min to get to next movie.

My Last movie today was UK film called “Layer Cake”. It was directed by Matthew Vaughn. He produced many of Guy Ritchie’s movies and I guess he decided it’s time for him to direct the movie this time. This movie is British gangster movie like Guy Ritchie’s “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and/or “Snatch” However, this movie does have different tone and style that Guy Ritchie’s film. I read from somewhere that industry people were so impress with the movie and him, they offer him to direct “X-Men 3” and he accept it. Damn, he is one lucky guy. He is even married to Claudia Schiffer. (I saw her with Matthew Vaughn in the theater; I guess she was there to support him)

Daniel Craig, who is supposed to be next James Bond, was great as main character. I can see how he can pull off great James Bond.

Here is some info about the movie;

Based upon JJ Connelly's London crime novel, "LAYER CAKE" is about a successful cocaine dealer (DANIEL CRAIG) who has earned a respected place among England's Mafia elite and plans an early retirement from the business. However, big boss Jimmy Price hands down a tough assignment: find Charlotte Ryder, the missing rich princess daughter of Jimmy's old pal Edward, a powerful construction business player and gossip papers socialite. Complicating matters are two million pounds' worth of Grade A ecstasy, a brutal neo-Nazi sect and a whole series of double crossings. The title "LAYER CAKE" refers to the layers or levels the dealer has to go through as he painstakingly plots his own escape. What is revealed is a modern underworld where the rules have changed. There are no 'codes', or 'families' and respect lasts as long as a line. Not knowing who he can trust, he has to use all his 'savvy', 'telling' and skills which make him one of the best, to escape his own. The ultimate last job, a love interest called Tammy and an international drugs ring, threaten to draw him back into the 'cake mix'. But, time is running out and the penalty will endure a lifetime..

By the time movie was over, it was past midnight..
Time I got home from city was around 2:00am. I am tired but looking foward to more next week:)

Soon to be James Bond..

Daniel Craig and his date.

Daniel Craig and Director Matthew Vaughn, who is married to Claudia Schiffer, introduce the film.
I know it's only back of their head, but two person sitting front of me were Edward Burns and model Christy Turlington.

Tribeca Film Festival: Neo Ned

I made it into Movie Theater with little enough time to pick up my reserved ticket and hang outside for few minutes. I was expecting a great deal of people outside standing on line. However, to my surprise not many people were outside waiting on line. I guess it is kind of chilly today.

While I was outside, I had chance to take pictures of who looks famous. I found out later that they were actors and director of movie “Neo Ned”, which is my first movie today.

Here are some info on “Neo Ned” according to TFF Guide;

NEO NEDDirector: Van FischerU.S.A.200597 minColorWorld Premiere
Starring :Gabrielle Union, Jeremy Renner, Sally Kirkland

They say opposites attract. What about an Aryan Brother who falls for a black woman who thinks she's Adolf Hitler after their meeting in a mental institution? This seemingly impossible connection is the start of a love story unlike none other. Jeremy Renner and Gabrielle Union star in one of the most original romances of recent times

I really liked this movie. It was great movie to start TFF for me. I guess it is romantic movie, just really twisted and dark one… It shows that even most screwed up people can find love and happiness in their own way. When I think about that, it give me hope somehow…

To my surprise, Gabriel Union was not playing hot sizzling chick but she was playing woman with past history and no make up. Even without make up and down and dirty look, she still looked good in movie. In person, as I saw her today, she looked smoking~.

Male lead was play by actor name Jeremy Renner and he was really great! As much as I like to look at Gabrielle Union, I could not stop thinking about how great his acting was.

From Left to Right; Jeremy Renner, Sally Kirkland, and director Van Fischer

Hot Hot Hot !!!

Ms. Union's Actress friends, I looks very familiar but does not know their names

Richard Riehle, He had small role in this movie.
He was great in Office Space.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Start!

Holy cow, xxxx, I am so xxxx stupid!
I have made mistake of thinking my Tribeca Film Festival movies are starting on this Sunday. However, I just found out that it actually start on Friday, tomorrow!! (since, I am writing this 2:00am, I guess today)

Then again, maybe I am lucky to find out this now than miss entire day.
I feel like I am having one of those days like my friend Jason. Somehow he has kind of special bad/good luck thing. Anything he does, usually works out somehow. However it works out very close to being not working out. Jason's strange lucks are another story for now...

I am going to Festival everyday beginning tomorrow except this Saturday. It's my mother's birthday. I am going to suprise her with ticket to see off-broadway show "Cookin" She has mention to me before about the show. I hope she likes it. (Mann, I am keep getting side track..)

Tomorrow, I have to get out of work early and fast. I am watching 3 films back to back starting 5:45.

Movies, I am watching tomorrow are,

Neo Ned
Lost & Found (bunch of short films)
Layer Cake

I will post all the pictures from the festival and review of the movies;

Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Onimusha Game announced

Nooo, do not aim for my bottom!!! Posted by Hello

According to press release;

"Capcom announced Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams for PlayStation 2, the 4th installment of the popular samurai action adventure series. This time the game will have a new setting, the story takes place in 1598, 16 years after the battles between Samanosuke and Nobunaga in Onimusha 3. The world is in peace until one day, suddenly a red star appears from the sky, and causing natural disasters at various places over the country, and the genma monsters reappear on the land, and the ruler of the land - Toyotomi Hideyoshi also became berserk.
The producer is Inafune, the cherry blossoms is the theme of the game. The protagonist is an original character, instead of modeled after an actor like the previous games. He will have two long blades as weapon, one is red and one is blue.
The game is currently 20% completed, Capcom is aiming to push out the game sometimes in spring 2006."

Onimusha series are one of my favorite videogame that I played. I think it is only series I have finished so far. Heck, I even played and beat the XBOX version of Onimusha.
Even, gay blossoms, uhh I mean cherry blossoms theme in the game is kinda weird (not that there is anything wrong with that~) and do not use character modeled after an actor, I still can't wait till.... I still think that opening CG of Onimusha 3 was one of best.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

inside of my new PC Posted by Hello

I have been up all night yesterday. However, I have finally finished it, I have finally finished building my dream PC. It took me about a year to get all the parts and 2 days to build it. When I finally decide to sleep at 5:00am, I could see sun was coming up.

Since, I started this project a year ago, my dream PC is no longer the top of line but I am still very happy with it. Here are list of stuff I got;

Top of line aluminum Sliver Stone case
P4 3.2G
Geforce 6800GT 256MB
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS
2 X 250G HD SATA Raid 0 + 250G PATA HD
2 X 1G RAM dual channel
7 in 1 internal reader w/ Floppy
Plextor Dual layer DVD Writer 716A
ABIT IC-7 Max 3 motherboard

I did have some problems during assembly and installing windows, including having to re-fit the motherboard due to wrong screw-parts, trying to do RAID 0 for SATA Hard Drive, putting cable in right order for 7 in 1 internal reader, etc. I have once again created another monster.

I still have to install more programs, and want to but & install another DVD Writer. For now, I need to clean after all the mess I made and get some rest.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Disciples: Sacred Lands

Here is screen shot Posted by Hello

I started playing Strategy/RPG game on PC called “Disciples: Scared Lands” today. Since this game came out 1999, graphic is not good as current titles. (This game was know to have good graphic at that time but I guess time has change) However, game play and fun is all there.

Since I do not have fast brain and reflex, I am not good at real time strategy games. I have hard time controlling one character in any game and in RTS games; I have to control 20+ characters all at same time. That’s one of reason I like turn base strategy game like this one. I can think and make decisions at my own leisure. Another reason I decide to play this game was its RPG element. I usually do not play strategy game unless it has some kind of RPG element in it. Me like RPG, me good. This Game plays like Ogre Battle and/or Heroes of Might and Magic series.

There are four different races to choose from. There are Empire (humans), Mountain Clan (elves?), Legions of the Damned (demons), and Undead Hoarde (Undead). I choose to play as Empire first.(I always pick good side first J)

So far I played for couple of hours and looks like this game is going to be long~long game. I hope I do not become addict to this game. I have many things to do beside playing this game….

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Amityville Horror, New Movie

Deleted Scene from movie "Ring 2"' :-) Posted by Hello

Watched the movie “Amityville Horror”. Movie was pretty good in a way you can just watch and enjoy then done, kind of like fast food. Is this a great Oscar worth movie? No. Is this movie fun? Yes.

People who made this movie know that they are not making masterpieces. They are trying to make movie that entertain audiences and make them money.

Movie plays like mix of other horror movies. You can tell they copy the scenes from Shining, Poltergeist, Exorcist, etc. I guess if you are going to copy, do it from the best.
Nonetheless, it was scary in some scenes and did make me forget about other life problem stuff for 2 hours. To me that is good movie in my book.

Ryan Reynolds, as in Mr. Van Wilder, plays movie’s main character. Van Wilder is one of modern comedy classic you just have to watch. He was also great in “Blade Trinity”. He is trying to get cast as “Flash” in new comic book movie and I can see him being great in it. I hope he gets the role.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

New Superman Movie Picture

I wish I was that kid... Posted by Hello

Here is photo of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in upcoming new Superman movie.
Looking good, looking good...

Go Mets!

I went to Mets game yesterday.

Mets 5th straight victory. Mike Piazza even had two doubles and three RBIs.

Even I was sitting at all the way back, nosebleed seat, my first time at Shea Stadium was better than I could hope for. Cheering and screaming Fans, my friend getting drunk, Priceless….

An only bad thing was that I forget to bring my digital camera. However, I did bring crappy disposable camera. I will post some picture from the game when I get my film developed.

I have to go and scratch off the list of things I want to do in this life. (Going to Mets game)
I wanted to call the list “Things I want to do before I die” but people around me says that is little depressing as I want to die or something so I changed it. I will simply call it “List of thing I want to do” When I have time, I should really write it all down and make a actual list instead keeping in my head.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone PC game Review Things

Enter~ D&D fashion show Posted by Hello

Yeah! I have conquered yet another game.

I just finished PC version of “Forgotten Realm: Demon Stone”
This game is also out on PS2 and XBOX. I decide to play PC version thinking better Graphic on PC version. After playing, graphic wise it is only little better than XBOX version.

Even though game was little on short side, I enjoy the short adventure while it lasted. To me too short would be no good, however I do like short game compare to games that take forever to beat. I have so many things to do with jobs, friend, watching movie, etc., Also, there are so many great games out there I want to play that I do not want to spend forever to play just couple of games when I can (try) play many as possible.

Anyway, back to game review…

I like the fact that voice over was done by Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan. Both have great voice and I do like both actors. (Not in homosexual way, not that there is anything wrong with that, if you are into that stuff)
In game story line was by R.A. Salvatore. He is suppose to be famous N.Y. Times best selling author. He writes Forgotten Realm novels. I guess it’s like Dungeons & Dragons novels. I never read any of his book but I did like the game’s story line.

Here is basic story line of game I got it from Gamespot;

The story begins years ago, when Slaad Lord Ygorl and the Githyanki General Sereka, the malevolent leaders of two powerful, destructive armies that have been fighting over the right to pillage the world of Faerûn, find themselves imprisoned in a mystical Demon Stone by a clever wizard named Blackstaff. Now jump to the present, where three individual adventurers--Rannek the fighter, Illius the sorcerer, and Zhai the rogue--find themselves allied on a battlefield rife with orcs. Each is there with his or her own agenda, though upon entering the secret chamber that houses the Demon Stone and accidentally freeing the evil antagonists, the three find that their fates are intertwined. Consequently, they embark on a quest to re-imprison Ygorl and Sereka

According to some internet research, most of place and some character in the game are also in the series of Forgotten Realm novels. I guess for people who actually follow that stuff will recognize and enjoy this game little more.

You can play as three different characters, basically Fighter, Magic user, and Female half elf who is fast and can turn invisible. (I guess like ninja). You can switch your character on the fly during anytime, other 2 character are control by computer. Game Play is your basic hack and slash with just a hint of RPG. Between stages, you can level up your character and buy special moves, magic, etc.

Overall, I enjoy this game all the way till ending. Especially during early part, I felt like I was watch movie like Lord of the Rings. Game was pretty challenge with seem like unending enemies in some part and some of boss took some time to beat. However overall I like the whole package. I can always use some hack n’ slash to get rid of stress J

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Hide & Seek Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ride, Ride !!! Posted by Hello

Had a lunch with my friend Jason yesterday. He is really into Motocycle now.
Maybe he's right... we only live once, so why not? It's better to ride now and live dangerously than regret later.