Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Advance Wars Dual Strike

This is the 10th game that I have finished this year!

Advance Wars Dual Strike for Nintendo DS.
This game was very very long but tons of fun and was very addicting

Here are some info;

Total Play Time: 33:25
Total # of Turns : 600
Total points earned: 11160

I wished I have enough time to finish other mode beside campaign mode, but I must move on...
or I will be playing this game till... forever!

R.I.P. PSP -- Page 1 of 5 -- . Gameworld Network.

Although, I do not agree with this article 100%, It is very interesting and give good argument. I don’t think PSP will die out so quickly. However, I do play with Nintendo DS more than PSP. PSP games are just too expansive and some of loading times are little too long for portable. I do have to admit PSP does look cooler than NDS… but NDS has better software and that’s what count for me.

Anyway, read and make your own choice;

R.I.P. PSP -- Page 1 of 5 -- . Gameworld Network.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More games...

I have finished 2 more games! This has to be the record!
I have not finished this much games since High School years.

Tomb Raider Legend for XBOX 360.

Playtime: 14:08:29
Complete 97% (didn’t bother to collect a few items at the end, it wasn’t worth it)
Start date: 6/21
End date: 7/3

This game was great. I have played all the previous Tomb Raider games and this one is the only one that I have played till end. Graphic is excellent, game play is smooth, and length was just about right. I just wish ending was little better as it left too many questions unanswered.

FarCry for PC

Start date: 5/30
End date: 7/3

I tried to get into the game before and somehow I couldn’t get past the first stage. I have finally decided to hold my ground and play this game. Graphic still looks great and game play is excellent also. Game was little too long as some of latter level felt like it was just dragging on and on. Let down ending did not help either. Also another nick-pick was the character looked as he was either short or he was crouching down all the time. It just felt like character I was playing was too close to ground… Maybe it’s just me? Anyway, I did enjoy the game and I do give very high point for different path you can take and freedom you have in this game.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

3 more games that I have finished

I have finished more games than I could imagine.

First, I have completed “Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II” for PC. I liked it better than first one (which I only played and beat the good side campaign). Graphic were outstanding and game was not too long nor not too short.

As for second, I have beaten “X-Men: The Official Game” for XBOX360. Believe it or not, this is my first XBO360 game I have finished. I wanted to find out what happen to X-Men during the time between 2nd and 3rd X-Men movie. This game explains why Nightcrawler is not in the 3rd movie and also the origin of Sentinel project. While game play and graphic is not the greatest on XBOX360, I did enjoy controlling Wolverine and Nightcrawler. However, playing as Iceman was kinda hard for me. Overall, I thought it was good and short but left little sour taste.

For last, I have just finished playing “Sin Episode 1: Emergence” for PC.
Graphic was great as it was using Half-Life 2 Source engine but somehow it wasn’t looking great as Half-Life 2. Maybe I got used to the graphic engine and there is no more brand new engine “wow” factor? Anyway, original Sin was one of games that I have actually finished, I even got the expansion pack and finished that too, and I thought it was very underrated and undersold as it was released about the same time as Half-Life 1. I always thought it deserved better and wished developer would make a sequel. Now my wish has come true…well… kind of. This game was only episode 1 of many episodes to come and this was more of introduction than anything else. Only 3 weapons that you could use and there wasn’t too much exciting thing going on. Even end boss was kind of let down. However, I did enjoy somewhat and looking at the episode 2 trailer, it looks like it’s going to me much better and bigger game.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Starwars Jedi Academy

Finished another game!! And it only took me about a year…

Starwars Jedi Knights: Jedi Academy for PC

Started May, 2005
Finished April 23rd, 2006


I hope they continue the Jedi Knight series…
I had such a fun playing this game.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Return... again...


I have moved to new place.
It’s bigger, cleaner and even have small backyard.
I just got the internet and cable all hooked up yesterday.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I have finished another game! This time is “Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow” for Nintendo DS.
I had been playing this game whenever I had chance during break and before I went to sleep.
This game is really great as length was not too long or too short.

My character’s level: 51
Total map uncovered: 99.1%
Total time played: 14:51:21 (regular time about a month)

Only complaint I had about this game was that sometime it was little confusing about where to go next as there is very little direction. I got lost more than couple time for hours trying to find out where to go next. However that’s really didn’t hurt this great game.

This is 2nd videogame I have finished this year… not bad so far.

Now, on to my next conquest…

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

XBOX 360 Dead or Alive 4

One of my New Year Resolution was to be better at playing videogame and be good enough to compete against my friends. So far it’s going slow but I am getting better little by little.
I already beat my friend JG on puzzle game “Lumines” for PSP. However, most of my friends play sport or fighting games not puzzle games.

Today, I played XBOX360 game “Dead or Alive 4” against one of my friend, JG.
I played against him around of 20 matches and result was…. 01-19 as in one win and 19 looses.
One out of 20 is not that bad as you think…at least for me, usually its 0-20.
Think positively and focus on one win… I shall practice and return…to maybe 02-18 :-)
I need to practice more. I just wish I have more time to play…but there are more important things I have to take care of first.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Underworld Evolution

Underworld: Evolution

This movie continues the story of first movie “Underworld” as fight between Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves) comes to end and more sinister and deadly battle to discover the secrets of their origins and bloodlines.
I did like the first movie up until the end. I still think that last fight ended too easy and soon. I also did not like the idea of Vampires can’t see in the dark. What the xxxx is that? They can’t go out in sunlight because they die but still have to use flashlight to see in the dark? If Lycans can evolve from just being werewolves to able to being transformed back and forth, how come those vampires can evolve also to see in the dark? Hmmm… I just do not like the idea of that.
As far as action goes it was great and I thought it was better than first movie. The main bad guy is more powerful and finally somewhat give hell. Michael finally does little more than get beat up as suppose powerful lycan and vampire hybrid, although most of time he still gets beat up left and right, he does get more action time.
Kate Beckinsale does fine job and she gets to show more emotion and range than first movie allowed. And she still looks damn fine with her leather on. Although I like her fine in this movie, I like her more on other movie with less action such as in “Serendipity”. Somehow in both Underworld movie and Van Helsing her talents are being underused.

Oh, another great thing about this movie was that I was rated R and it did not hold back the violence and sex. Stuff that was in there was just right mix of violence and sex and it did not either over use it or underused it. I love it when they do not hold back and I also love it when they do not go crazy and put stuff in the movie just because you can without some control over it. Sex and violence are only good with some control, there is something called too much of good stuff are not really good….

Monday, January 23, 2006

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I went to Red Lobster by 42nd street last Thursday.
Even weekday, I had to wait about 30min, Personally, I think this restaurant, at least this one in Time Square, is overrated and over-priced. However, you can beat the location; it is in Time Square, after all.
Seafood was great especially the “Steam Clam” however, steak was over-cooked. I have ordered “Medium cooked” and steak I got was “over-well done” which had no juicy left and was very dry.
Nevertheless, me and my friend enjoy the night.

Fried Pork Culet

Don-ka-shu, fried pork culet, w/ cheese.
I been craving it for weeks and I finally had it few days ago.
So juicy and tender...
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Monday, January 16, 2006

New Year Resolutions

My 2006 New Year Resolution

Here are some of my New Year Resolutions (I took out some personal stuff out)

-Make more friends and social network

-Go out and have fun

-Work hard and save $$$

-Work out and be healthy

-Be good at playing videogames and actually finish some.

-Read books and finish them also

-Write more including blog, letter, e-mail, etc

-More courage and less fear

-Always remember “If you do not ask, answer is always no”


Finally, first game that I have finished this year is Infected for PSP.
For me it was perfect game for me to play between work break or subway ride.
Fast game play and short mission was perfect for busy guy like me.

Here are some useless stats about my record,
Total Mission Time: 2:11:20
Total Saved: 307
Total Zombies Killed: 2159
Total Medal Earned: Gold = 20
Silver = 12
Bronze = 3

Fun I had with this game: Priceless

I have also unlocked all the characters beside one you can’t get until game company releases unlock code. (Don’t ask...)
Game is very addictive and made me keep going back to get better score. Somehow killing zombies with Rocket Launcher makes my stress go away for awhile.

Now, moving on to next conquest...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Spicy Chicken Stew on Saturday night

Spicy Chicken Stew Posted by Picasa

I know I try to eat healthy this year and that means less spicy food.
However, I am keep going back… I just can’t help myself, it just taste sooooo gooood

Saturday’s dinner was “Spicy Chicken Stew” or called “Dakdori Ta-ng” Potato and carrot in the stew was as good as chicken itself.

Sidewalk of NYC

I took this yesterday night...

It looked so lonely.. Posted by Picasa

Yesterday's Dinner

I had great day just hanging out with my friend Craig.
We watched the movie “Chronicles of Narnia” which was a great movie.

After the movie we decide to try Korean food.
He had “Dolsupbab” which is rice with vegetables cooked in stone bowl.
I had spicy soup/stew thingy that had mix of kimchi, sausage, spam, ramen noodle, etc.
And we shared Korean pancake.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lunch 1/12/06

Today's lunch;
as you can see I am trying to eat better now...
(no more nasty burgers... everyday)

1/2 of Frontega Chicken Panini and
Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Taste great and kinda good for me :) Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Time Square New Year Eve

I know it's couple of days late..
Anyway here is shot I took on 12/31/2005 on 42nd street, New York City.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years food

First breakfast in year 2006!
My mother cooked special big breakfast for New Year.
It tasted grrrrreeetttt!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Last Meal before New Year

For lunch, I ate the “seafood Udon” at the Japanese restaurant.
While I was eating, it started to snow outside and it just made me all mushy inside.
Last day of 2005… Snow… many stuff has changed in my life this year. I hope next year will be for the best.

For dinner, my friend made me special rice mixed with kimchi, tuna, and spam. Very tasty and I love home cooked meal over any fancy restaurant food.
Oh, I also had drumstick which only cost me 50 cents J (Damn, I am so cheap~)