Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I got HALO 3 (regular edition)

"I would love to have one, I just don't have the $$$"

Just like the other million people I picked up the HALO 3. I used to be one of those hard-core collector who buys all the collector edition and toys. However, as I got older and wiser, reality has hit me hard with wallet. I can no longer afford extra cash require for collector’s stuff. I also kinda grow out of it.

Anyway, the game is great. I am scream like little girl while playing this game. Can’t wait to finish the fight ;)

Monday, September 24, 2007

HALO 3 Exclusive Contoller is UGLY!

I can't wait for to play HALO3 and finally finish the Fight.
This weekend I had chance to take a look at the HALO 3 exclusive Controller at one of retail store and I had confirm I suspicion.
"This controller is Fugly"
Is it just me? Todd McFarland's art is great and all but just look at that!
That is one ugly arts on that controller. Exclusive figure that comes with controller is nice and all but no where worth the price they are asking for.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

King of Fighters.. Run!

Just something I found while browsing...
Cool.. isn't it?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tabula Rasa.. too much.. no money

I am really interested in playing new MMORPG PC game "Tabula Rasa" but I just found out that It will cost me $14.99 per month.

That's $14.99 I can't afford to spend.

I guess I will keep playing Dungeon Runners for FREE (or $5.00 per month for premium content but that is still better than $14.99)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wii global sales overtake 360

Although, I do play XBOX360 most, when I play with my friend, and espically with my wife, you really can't beat the Wii for FUN factor.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

My adventure in Untold Legend Dark Kingdom PS3

So, I decide to try another PS3 game, “Untold Legend: Dark Kingdom”. I played PSP version of Untold Legend, I got pretty far, until my save got corrupted and I did not want to play from beginning again.

So Far, I am having little better time than I had with Genji.

Would I pay $60.00 for this game? No no no! I am having decent time playing this game but I am no where pissing pant like when I played Bio Shock demo. That’s the game that is worth $60.00. (only if I had $$$) This game’s graphic is not PS3 worthy.. to me it looks like I am playing B-C rated PC game and I do have pretty low standard compare to other gamers.

As I like my game easy, I choose easiest mode and selected Mage as my character. I read from that Mage is easiest character to beat the game with. Usually, I play as Warrior character but I guess I will try some magic.

Anyway, here is my fictional story as Mage in Untold Legend: Dark Kingdom,

My name is TigerHan and I excel in both Dark and Light Magic, sometime I mix little bit of both to create mix special..

Ok anyway, I am a new member of fabled Dragon’s Shade along with Scout(she hot) and Warrior(he dumb). Dragon’s Shade usually does not allow member that does not excel in weapon combat but I prove myself worthy before Commander, along with little bribe ;)

Along with Commander, Warrior and Scout(what does she scout anyway?), and elite soldiers, We were sent to stop the Barbarian Uprising. We soon arrived at small town where those barbarians are invading.
While I am getting used to my new staff, I found out that It shoots fire! Cool, I knew I got a good deal at shady magic shop. As I am killing barbarian left and right without mercy with my fire shooting magic staff, more and more of them attacked me. I finally defeated them I exited the town to chase after more barbarians.

By the way, where the hell is Commander, Scout and Warrior?

Right outside town gate, I found a few of barbarian just hanging around and I summoned my Fire magic to create big fire ball and hurl toward them. Crispy! One shot kill!

I am still going around killing barbarians and sometime they drop armor and stuff which I can use to better myself although I felt kinda dirty using used goods from dead barbarians. (I wonder if these stuffs are clean, after all if they are all clean all the time, they wouldn’t be barbarians)

As the battle’s getting harder, now they are throwing Axe at me and it hurts a lot. I am wondering where the hell Commander, Warrior, and Scout went. If they went ahead of me, I wouldn’t have to fight all these barbarians.. Hmm.. I hope they are not slacking off. Maybe they are testing me? I understand the test aspect. But, I suspect Warrior and Scout have things between them. It must be because she won't answer my phone call or letters.

Oh, there is girl from village getting attacked!
I rush to help her and after I beat the hell of those bastard barbarians, she thanks me by giving me a so called “Rune of Sensing” I tried to get her number but she told me she does not know what the phone is… I suspect she is lying. I think I saw brand new iphone in her skirt pocket.
It’s has to be my face… I know I am only 30 but my face looks of 70… It’s the price I had to pay for studying black magic. I should listen to my mother and stick to white magic….

Getting back to “Rune of Sensing” It show me where the enemies are so there is no surprise ambush. I guess it is good enough and she was ugly anyway. I hope barbarians come and steal her iphone x(

This group picture was taken with Commander's digital camera right after we killed all the Barbarians in the village. That's me in the center and to left is dumb Warrior and to right is pretty Scout. And other elite solders in the background.

***to be continued...

Genji Days of the Blade PS3... played for 30 min

So, I have finally played and finished my first PS3 game, Resistance: Fall of Man, I was looking for my next challenge.

What I want to play is some Nintendo Wii game but until “Rayman Raving Rabbids” ,which I trade with Resistance online with someone, arrives in mail, I need something to hold me till then.

In stand of going back to XBOX360 games, I decide to pop in “Genji” for PS3 and play around little bit.
Hmm.. Graphic is ok, not too shabby, Story looks interesting.. and this being sequel to one on PS2, kinda make me want to that one also.
Add to that this game is suppose be Sony’s answer to Onimusha series which is one of my favorite video game series. (It’s one of a few series that I finished them all)

After about 30 min of playing with 2 different characters, here are my thought,
- Graphic is good and I like the story.
- Is it me or control is hard to get used to.
- Benkei, a giant club wielding monk, second character that I used, is slow as snail.
- I would not paid $60.00 for this game. (I got this one used for around $30)
- And last but not least, Camera, Camera and Camera… bad camera angel and It won’t let you change them.

I will get back to this game some other time in the future but I am going to play something else…

Monday, September 03, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man PS3

I just finished the Resistance: Fall of Man for Playstation 3 over Labor Day weekend.

Great game! Not too long, not too short and best of all you can jump. Somehow when it comes to FPS, I like to jump.

Story is good enough to believe it can happen, if you believe alien can invade earth during WWII that is. I want to see battle takes place in Russia, US and other country in sequel.

Control was tight, however some time during the game, it will go forward or stop
automatically for couple of second even I am not using controller. It might be the game or just wireless signal messing me around.

Only thing I find annoying was the loading time between the level, large hard drive space and Blueray disc. It PS3!! What is loading time doing in my game?

Great Graphic, Not too easy, not too hard difficulty, tight control, and not too long not too short length, and most of all great fun. It’s not the game that will make me a PS3 believer but it’s best PS3 game I have play so far.