Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ghost Rider Movie and comic book rant

One of upcoming movie, actually releasing next year, that I am looking forward is “Ghost Rider”.

It is always interesting to watch comic book to movie adaptation, as I do know little more than average movie going people about comics. I know enough to get by but I am not so called comic book collector or comic book geek. I was sort of comic book geek when I was young; they brought me imaginations and made me draw better. But I did eventually grow out of it as I got older.

There was issue of money, as comic book was getting more and more expansive. But just one day, it all seems to silly even for person like me. Maybe it was rise of independent comic book company, starting with Image Comic, but it seems all of sudden some of comic book a story seems…. Sucked. There were still good books with great story and art but with explosion of new-wave artist, all the books starting to focus on art instead of stories. I like great comic art as much as others but to me, there is delicate balance between art and story and if one gets too weak, whole book suffer. Just look at some of early Image Comic books… Great flash arts with no stories (I can’t believe, I bought some of that garbage)

I still do read comic books, just not much as I used to. I barely purchase any, I tend to go to comic book shop once in a while and just read that looks interesting. Just like all other entertainment stuff, videogames, movies, etc., I try to let least keep up with basic to keep up the conversation. I am also the guy to go when my friend have questions, so I need to keep up :)

I do see myself as little different from regular fan boy or regular movie fan as I do try to see all different aspect of things. I might not know the name of all the X-Men or know address of some comic book characters, but I can explain why Superman is such a important character, not just because he was the first but because he symbolize the ultimate dream of coming to US and achieving American Dream as an immigrant.
Or I can tell you why there cannot be perfect super-hero comic book to movie adoption. (Sin City comes 99% close but it’s not super-hero movie) Just think about X-Men running around in bright yellow tight and thong as custom. You might argue that it would look great on female X-Men characters, but do you really want to see those on Wolverine? Bright yellow tight that is so tight that you can see he’s groin outline. Oh, the nightmare!

I do not have anything against fan boy and actually I actually like them and I do consider myself as one sometime. However, one thing I do not like about fan boy or anyone other people is about how stubborn no matter they are right or wrong. Some of them simply refuse to listen. Some fan boy, I guess they are fake fan boy, I know still think that almost every X-Men should be in the movie just because and wants it just like comic book. Than again, most of those guys stop following comics long ago and they just go by memory when they were young or when they followed comics. (What? What do you mean Superman is married? What do you mean one of Robin died? And what do you mean there is other Super-Heroes beside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in DC Comics? Etc)

Anyway, enough of me ranting…Here is picture of some Ghost Rider movie; Both Ghost Rider and Ghost Bike (?) looks great. Nic Cage looks little pale for my taste but he is big comic book fan and I do trust him to not mess it up.

What are you looking at?

My bike on fire! .... no, my head on fire too!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Matrix Online and Guild Wars

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just quick thought regarding Matrix Online…
As I previous mention, I had trouble playing Matrix Online because its interface was little too complex for regular people like me. And I also thought its on-going story feature could hurt the game because in order to follow the whole story you have to play it from beginning, from the first day game was launched.

Now According to NDP Group, Matrix Online only sold 43,100 copies since its launch in late March. No wonder price of game drop to $29.99 already. I really want the game to be successful.. Was the whole Matrix thingy just accident? Maybe it was never meant to be this big. Maybe it got just too big for them to handle…

For me, Guild Wars is so far best on-line game I have played, other game I have played are Final Fantasy XI, Matrix Online, and Everquest Online Adventure (PS2). When I want to online-RPG games, I look for

-Easy game play, I want to just pick up and play without too much learning curve. I want something that does not need special degree just to play.

-Casual play, I do not want to spend 25hr a day. I want something I can play when I have time, usually only 2-3 hours a week. I have busy job and other stuff to do and I do not want to spend my whole life just level up my character.

-Solo play, I am not really into playing with other people. I do sometime group with others but I prefer go solo. I do not want to join group or guild that meet weekly or daily.

-Cheaper the better, even though I do not mind too much paying for good product, I would not mine if it’s cheap or even better free.

Final Fantasy XI was almost impossible if you did not group and you also had to put a great deal of time. So far Guild War is easy, simple, fast and I can play solo. I play 2-3 hours a week and I am having fun so far and I do not have to pay monthly fee :)

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Busy working and mouse pad picture

I know, I have not update my blog for a while… I just had been so hectic with work for past weeks. How busy I am? Let’s see…. My friends know me as movie-guy; I go through watching movies like people drinking water. I usually watched at least 3-5 movies a week before. However, now I have not watched any DVDs for at least a month. I still do go see new release movie with my friends but even that is hard to do some time.

I need to get use to my busy schedule soon and learn to manage time better. Heck, if other people can manage work and play, why not me :(

Anyway, I recently got new mouse-pad, I have glass desk and mouse does not work without pad because beam goes right through the glass, and it’s like very thin picture frame and has slot to put your own picture. I been printing and putting new interesting pictures every-now and than. My last picture was poster of Starwars Episode III. My new picture?

It’s from upcoming Playstation 2 game called “Ape Escape 3” In that game they have mini-game spoofing another game called “Metal Gear Solid”

Ape, Monkey, Ape, Monkey, Ape, Monkey, Ape, Monkey ~ ;)

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Matrix Online's biggest feature and problem

I was one of lucky (?) beta tester for Matrix Online. Although I did enjoy it somewhat for brief moment that I played, it was just little bit too complicated for my taste. I couldn’t figure out all the code and ability thingy.

I been reading review on different magazine regarding to this game and so far no-one mention the one of biggest feature, at least I think, in this game. I believe this feature alone can break or make this game.

I am taking about the “story” or “Live Event” they call it. This game’s story is continuation of last Matrix film, which means it take place after death of Neo. In Matrix Online, major story progress with or without you. Couple of weeks ago, storyline killed off one of main character Morpheus. If you are just starting to play this game now, too bad this already happen and you have missed it. Unless you follow the story and played it from beginning, and I mean play a lot, you will be missing out many of main storyline. It’s like force to watch movie from middle, someone in the audience might fill you in but it’s different than watching it from beginning.

It will be interesting to know how the publisher will persuade customer to purchase this title knowing they will not be starting this game from beginning… Even easily pleased person like me won’t play it from middle of game….

I do not know how the other Online RPG games are but I am playing Guild Wars and so far it’s easy, simple, no monthly fee, and storyline starts from beginning. Best of all, I enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What I did on Memorial Day May 30th

My original plan for Memorial Day was to be in office, working hard. However, when my parents Memorial Day Trip got cancelled due to reason unforeseen plus fact that my father decide to work, I had choice of working on holiday and disappoint my mother who wants to do something with me causing her to not cook me her famous specialty food versus take my mother to some place and make her happy and have BBQ later on.

So, I went to Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Long Island. Since, it is Memorial Day, I guess it is kind of patriotic things to see how the old people lived.

Here is some information from Old Bethpage Village Restoration website;

Old Bethpage Village Restoration was born in 1963, when Nassau County acquired the Powell property, a 165-acre farm located on the Nassau-Suffolk border. The acquisition of the land and the plan to develop a historic restoration were timely, for as the march of progress swept Long Island, irreplaceable landmarks were being destroyed at an alarming rate.
In 1963, Plainview's historic Manetto Hill Methodist Church was the very first structure to be saved and moved to the Powell property. Today, there are 51 historic buildings and seven reconstructions (some 15 more will eventually be added), and the site encompasses 209 acres. Buildings are selected based on their architectural detail and historic significance. The goal is to establish a representative sampling of 19th century structures.
After buildings have been moved to the village, they are carefully restored to a specific point in their history, and the lives of the former occupants are thoroughly researched. Each structure is scrutinized for clues to its role in community life; authentic hardware, shingles, and glass are sought; with the help of wills, deeds, and inventory lists, the structures are authentically furnished - in some cases with pieces original to the building.
But the roots of Old Bethpage Village date back even further than the 19th century to the Dutch and English settlement of Long Island. During the 1640s, the colonial settlers founded town "spots" throughout the region. The "spots" functioned as commercial and social centers where taverns, general stores, and meetinghouses were built. In addition to a centrally located town lot, each townsman received outlying fields to use for grazing livestock, growing crops, or harvesting firewood.
By 1700, the English had gained control of the Island, townships controlled whatever land had not already been distributed, and the economy had expanded to include trades dependent on the sea as well as the land. Life remained quiet, unhurried, and closely tied to nature. These patterns, evident well well into the 19th century, can be seen at Old Bethpage Restoration.
It was great to be surround by trees and dirt road. It reminded me when I was little….
As you can see it from the pictures, it was like scene from the movie or picture

We actually went inside of restored old houses and went to animal farm to look at cows, pigs, ducks, etc. Some younger people did not like the smell of animal poo but it bring me just more memory when I was little visiting my father’s animal farm…

Such a great day.. even pictures came out great

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E3: more pictures

Thursday, June 02, 2005

E3: More pictures

Mr. Bean & Mr. Pac-man Posted by Hello

Evil Slime & Why is Geroge so Curious?

E3: Wayne's Brothers

One in pink shirt is lost member of Wayne's clan Posted by Hello

Here is picture of my friend JG and Wayne's Brothers.
They were very very nice.

E3: more pictures from the show

Still, no actual shot of King Kong...

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War was one of my favorite PC game last year, I know they are taking very long time to bring out expansion, I can't wait to play it.

Soul Caliber III E3

This is one of my favorite fighting game series.
Maybe because of different weapons or maybe it’s because I can just button-mash through the game. I can still remember playing I & II just like yesterday.
However, when I saw and played part III, somehow I felt deja-vu instead of being excited. Game’s graphic does not looked improved compare to II and somehow it played same too. I know I will buy it and play it when the game is released but am I finally getting tired of playing same crap, even great crap, over and over again?
Also, I have another complaint to company, Namco. Why bring this game out on Playstation 2 only? What happen to XBOX or Gamecube? Maybe, XBOX 360? I say open up your wallet, Mr. Gate and pay Namco :)

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Gameboy Micro E3

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I was very surprised to see this on the show floor. I have not heard anything about it before the show and I went “what the funky fruit?”

Some people might disregard this system as something for Nintendo to squeeze little more $$$ out during holiday season or stupid decision to bring it out.
They say it has small screen, small size and small button. However, despite the small screen, it was very clear and also has backlight. it is design to be hip and cool. Interchangeable faceplate like I-Pod, small enough to be key chain or wear it around neck, and if price is just right it could be must have for all the little kid and hip & cool crowd. It could even be cool enough for girls to carry around.

Even Nintendo is 3rd in overall console race; they are only company that post continuous profits. Being number one and loss money or 3rd place and make money, it is something to think about.

E3 Pictures

I had been little busy lately with working and stuff.
Anyway, here is some picture from E3 show in LA as I promised.

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Every year, more and more people…
I never had to wait on line this long before

L:Capcom toys & stuff on display Posted by Hello
R:Mario is in every game now.. coming soon Grand Theft Mario ;)