Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Onimusha Game announced

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According to press release;

"Capcom announced Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams for PlayStation 2, the 4th installment of the popular samurai action adventure series. This time the game will have a new setting, the story takes place in 1598, 16 years after the battles between Samanosuke and Nobunaga in Onimusha 3. The world is in peace until one day, suddenly a red star appears from the sky, and causing natural disasters at various places over the country, and the genma monsters reappear on the land, and the ruler of the land - Toyotomi Hideyoshi also became berserk.
The producer is Inafune, the cherry blossoms is the theme of the game. The protagonist is an original character, instead of modeled after an actor like the previous games. He will have two long blades as weapon, one is red and one is blue.
The game is currently 20% completed, Capcom is aiming to push out the game sometimes in spring 2006."

Onimusha series are one of my favorite videogame that I played. I think it is only series I have finished so far. Heck, I even played and beat the XBOX version of Onimusha.
Even, gay blossoms, uhh I mean cherry blossoms theme in the game is kinda weird (not that there is anything wrong with that~) and do not use character modeled after an actor, I still can't wait till.... I still think that opening CG of Onimusha 3 was one of best.

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