Friday, April 22, 2005

Tribeca Film Festival Start!

Holy cow, xxxx, I am so xxxx stupid!
I have made mistake of thinking my Tribeca Film Festival movies are starting on this Sunday. However, I just found out that it actually start on Friday, tomorrow!! (since, I am writing this 2:00am, I guess today)

Then again, maybe I am lucky to find out this now than miss entire day.
I feel like I am having one of those days like my friend Jason. Somehow he has kind of special bad/good luck thing. Anything he does, usually works out somehow. However it works out very close to being not working out. Jason's strange lucks are another story for now...

I am going to Festival everyday beginning tomorrow except this Saturday. It's my mother's birthday. I am going to suprise her with ticket to see off-broadway show "Cookin" She has mention to me before about the show. I hope she likes it. (Mann, I am keep getting side track..)

Tomorrow, I have to get out of work early and fast. I am watching 3 films back to back starting 5:45.

Movies, I am watching tomorrow are,

Neo Ned
Lost & Found (bunch of short films)
Layer Cake

I will post all the pictures from the festival and review of the movies;

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