Friday, April 15, 2005

Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone PC game Review Things

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Yeah! I have conquered yet another game.

I just finished PC version of “Forgotten Realm: Demon Stone”
This game is also out on PS2 and XBOX. I decide to play PC version thinking better Graphic on PC version. After playing, graphic wise it is only little better than XBOX version.

Even though game was little on short side, I enjoy the short adventure while it lasted. To me too short would be no good, however I do like short game compare to games that take forever to beat. I have so many things to do with jobs, friend, watching movie, etc., Also, there are so many great games out there I want to play that I do not want to spend forever to play just couple of games when I can (try) play many as possible.

Anyway, back to game review…

I like the fact that voice over was done by Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan. Both have great voice and I do like both actors. (Not in homosexual way, not that there is anything wrong with that, if you are into that stuff)
In game story line was by R.A. Salvatore. He is suppose to be famous N.Y. Times best selling author. He writes Forgotten Realm novels. I guess it’s like Dungeons & Dragons novels. I never read any of his book but I did like the game’s story line.

Here is basic story line of game I got it from Gamespot;

The story begins years ago, when Slaad Lord Ygorl and the Githyanki General Sereka, the malevolent leaders of two powerful, destructive armies that have been fighting over the right to pillage the world of Faerûn, find themselves imprisoned in a mystical Demon Stone by a clever wizard named Blackstaff. Now jump to the present, where three individual adventurers--Rannek the fighter, Illius the sorcerer, and Zhai the rogue--find themselves allied on a battlefield rife with orcs. Each is there with his or her own agenda, though upon entering the secret chamber that houses the Demon Stone and accidentally freeing the evil antagonists, the three find that their fates are intertwined. Consequently, they embark on a quest to re-imprison Ygorl and Sereka

According to some internet research, most of place and some character in the game are also in the series of Forgotten Realm novels. I guess for people who actually follow that stuff will recognize and enjoy this game little more.

You can play as three different characters, basically Fighter, Magic user, and Female half elf who is fast and can turn invisible. (I guess like ninja). You can switch your character on the fly during anytime, other 2 character are control by computer. Game Play is your basic hack and slash with just a hint of RPG. Between stages, you can level up your character and buy special moves, magic, etc.

Overall, I enjoy this game all the way till ending. Especially during early part, I felt like I was watch movie like Lord of the Rings. Game was pretty challenge with seem like unending enemies in some part and some of boss took some time to beat. However overall I like the whole package. I can always use some hack n’ slash to get rid of stress J

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craterdweller said...

R.A. Salvatore's books are worth reading if you like Forgotton Realms. Drizzt (the guy with the dual scimitars) is probably his most famous character and The Dark Elf Trilogy is a good place to start ( I couldn't get past Chapter 9 in Forgotten Realms, but then again I tend to suck at Hack -n- Slash. Overall a fun game, and I agree, the voice acting really helped it.