Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Are we slave to Technology?

Is it good to be here now? I mean is it good time to be alive?
I can’t imagine a life without Cell phone, PC, Internet, DVD Player, Videogames, Movies, etc. However those things are all based on technology. What would happen if that stuff disappeared? Instead of using technology for better ourselves and make life easier, are we slave to it? Even I am typing this on PC L Even I do not use or listened to music on MP3 player such as IPOD or use cell-phone like other people do, I can’t imagine life without my beloved computers. Yes, I do own 3 computers, one in my office, one in my room and one in my parents, and I am planning to buy Laptop also. I feel like better & faster the technology gets I spend more time on it instead less.
It’s just so ironic that such technology as internet and cell phone was supposes to bring world and people together. However, sometime people isolate themselves more since they do not necessitate meeting people to communicate.
Is there solutions? Is there answer? Maybe, Maybe not, but do not look for me to have solutions nor answer. I, myself is already shy and lonely enough. I try hard to not to be shy, lonely and depress, however it is not easy to be always happy and shiny as some people sees me. It could be that, that’s why I find such a comfort in escaping into technology.
Why this thought all of sudden? It could be trip to LA this week, E3 show. All three big companies have announced their next generation videogame system and it looks more high tech as ever. They all look like they are capable of doing everything besides washing window. It finally looks as technology is not catching up to us but we now have to catch up to technology. That how advance and incredible those new systems looks.
They all support High Definition TV (1080!) and widescreen plus 5.1 Dolby digital. I am so pleased that I have HD TV already J No longer they are just simple videogame system, now you can watch movie, play music, download contents, and more. It is finally becoming home multimedia system. (all for mostly likely under $300.00) Are we going to have time to go outside and do normal stuff if these units really take off? Or are we going to be staying home in front of TV, HD TV that is, all day? I hope I don’t. Even thought, I know, I will be spending sleepless night when those systems first come out….

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