Monday, May 09, 2005

Half-Life 2 PC Game Review

I finally finished PC game “Half-Life 2”. I put this game on my new, ultimate PC to maximize & squeeze best game-play and graphic as possible. Even I did not like the idea of forced registration on-line just to play, game was fantastic in almost everyway. One of few downside, letdown, was the ending. Ending is worse than now infamous ending of “Halo 2”. How can ending be worse than Halo 2? I do not know… I do not know…

Here are upsides,

Graphic is incredible and game-play is fun. It’s so good that even my friend JG who does like PC games and cannot play with Keyboard/Mouse, was playing this game for hours straight.
Physics engine and gravity gun; It’s so fun playing with gravity gun which can be used to pick up and manipulate objects like boxes, barrels, chairs, etc.
No jumping puzzle like first Half-Life’s Xen level. However, I do miss alien world just not the Mario jumping puzzles.
Did I mention the Graphic?

Here are downsides,

Ending sucks and there is almost no story.
It loads between sections; even it is not that long but long enough to annoy me.
Wish had more weapons.

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