Sunday, May 22, 2005

Arrive in LA

Wednesday, May 17th

It’s now 2:30am in the morning in LA. I have finally settled into small hole called hotel room. So far, trip has been… well, ok for first official business trip for my own business if you can call it. Here is today’s trip recap;
As usual my friend/business associate JG was running late, however as I always tell him, somehow it almost always works out for him even in worst situation. By the time we got to airport, we were running very late, we had only about 15min to make it into our departure gate, because JG decide to pack for the trip about an hour before the departure time. For me, I was ready to go couple of days ago, all packed and all. Maybe different between our odd couple-ness could be reason our friendship has survived for so long. Trust me, you don’t want clone of yourself as your friend. Why would I want someone like me when I can’t even stand myself?
Anyway, even we were running late, somehow flight gets delay due to flight attendant calling sick, so they have to wait for replacement to arrive. Once again somehow it almost always works out.
During flight, everything was just dandy beside the fact that my behind was sore from long flight.
When we arrived in LA, not like NY, we had to wait for about 30min for Taxi and driver could not find our hotel and we had to ask for direction for hotel that was less than a mile away from LAX airport. Also, upon arriving at hotel, to my surprise, or should I say to my expectation, room that we have reserved was somehow no longer available. Only room that we could get was smaller room with one bed. Hey, I am a man enough to sleep on the floor or share large, really large, bed with another guy/friend (not that there is anything wrong with that, if you are into that stuff, which I am totally not) However that’s not the point. Point is that I paid for larger room with two beds!
Is that kind of stuff happening to me because somehow I expected them to happen? Is it because I always expect the worst? I try to be more positive, but it is very hard for person like me who is often insecure and depress.
Tomorrow, actually today morning, is not just another day but very important day. I should think positive and wish for the best. I must go to sleep now, I have to wake up 7:00am and it’s now 3:00am.

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