Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Waiting for Sith to happen

Finally, final Star wars Saga. Many people have been waiting for their life time for this. Fans are waiting in front of theater for months leading up to this moment. Will they be happy and satisfied or will they be disappointed? As for me, I do enjoy the Star wars movies and also Star Trek movies but I do not consider myself a fan-boy. I do not buy/collect Star wars toys nor dress up as one or know the all the detail about little things. I simply enjoy the movies. I would not wait on line for months or weeks to be first one to watch it. However, I do think that those people might be hardcore fans but I would never consider them losers or have no life.

It is so bad for one to be so involved in things they like? (Beside obvious things that could hurt others or self like drug) I believe we all are geeks in someway or another. What’s so different between person collecting fine art/antique and person who collects comic books/videogames/action figures? They both doing stuff they love and enjoy. If you want to push it further, I think person who spends thousands dollars on art/antique is crazier than later.

As long as they do not go in so deep that it could hurt self or others, I do support any kind of geek-ness or hobbies people have, however weird as they get.

What’s my weirdest obsession or geek-ness hobby? Well, I do like buying/collecting Superman statues/figures and I like cute monkey, ape dolls/toys. Why? That is for another time, another blog.

Anyway, here are pictures I took from both in NY and in CA. One thing I have notice in CA was that a lot of guys who was waiting on line had great looking girl friend with them. Even guys who dress as Jedi or Storm Trooper had good looking girls next to them. Hey, maybe it’s LA thing… Maybe it’s just me but I did notice more hot looking girls in LA.

In NY, they were taking a shift waiting line and they were also doing benefit for the Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation. Whole event looked extremely well organized and despite the some rumor, place was very neat and cleaned. People were very friendly and I could not smell any kind of geek-ness. (Well, beside maybe one guy who was playing Star wars videogame in the back of tent) I just wished I had more time, I went there during lunch hour, to ask them question and get to know them.

Ziegfeld Theater, New York City Posted by Hello

Santa Monica, CA Posted by Hello

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