Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting ready for E3 show

Sunday, May 15

Been crazy busy lately… I was everywhere from suffolk county Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and back to New York city. All in the name of working hardJ
I knew working and setting up my own business is going to be challenge but… man it is a lot of stress. I can handle the tiredness and sore muscles, but mental stress is very hard to handle.

Anyway, I am leaving Tuesday night to Los Angeles for E3 show. I must get ready. I already know it will be harder than I can imagine. I must prepare to face that challenge and there will be no one to help me but myself. I should pray…

On completely, different news, I been using my new camera and it is much better than my old one so far. I was kind of worry about battery life but so far so good. I will be using this digital camera in LA.

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