Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ghost Rider Movie and comic book rant

One of upcoming movie, actually releasing next year, that I am looking forward is “Ghost Rider”.

It is always interesting to watch comic book to movie adaptation, as I do know little more than average movie going people about comics. I know enough to get by but I am not so called comic book collector or comic book geek. I was sort of comic book geek when I was young; they brought me imaginations and made me draw better. But I did eventually grow out of it as I got older.

There was issue of money, as comic book was getting more and more expansive. But just one day, it all seems to silly even for person like me. Maybe it was rise of independent comic book company, starting with Image Comic, but it seems all of sudden some of comic book a story seems…. Sucked. There were still good books with great story and art but with explosion of new-wave artist, all the books starting to focus on art instead of stories. I like great comic art as much as others but to me, there is delicate balance between art and story and if one gets too weak, whole book suffer. Just look at some of early Image Comic books… Great flash arts with no stories (I can’t believe, I bought some of that garbage)

I still do read comic books, just not much as I used to. I barely purchase any, I tend to go to comic book shop once in a while and just read that looks interesting. Just like all other entertainment stuff, videogames, movies, etc., I try to let least keep up with basic to keep up the conversation. I am also the guy to go when my friend have questions, so I need to keep up :)

I do see myself as little different from regular fan boy or regular movie fan as I do try to see all different aspect of things. I might not know the name of all the X-Men or know address of some comic book characters, but I can explain why Superman is such a important character, not just because he was the first but because he symbolize the ultimate dream of coming to US and achieving American Dream as an immigrant.
Or I can tell you why there cannot be perfect super-hero comic book to movie adoption. (Sin City comes 99% close but it’s not super-hero movie) Just think about X-Men running around in bright yellow tight and thong as custom. You might argue that it would look great on female X-Men characters, but do you really want to see those on Wolverine? Bright yellow tight that is so tight that you can see he’s groin outline. Oh, the nightmare!

I do not have anything against fan boy and actually I actually like them and I do consider myself as one sometime. However, one thing I do not like about fan boy or anyone other people is about how stubborn no matter they are right or wrong. Some of them simply refuse to listen. Some fan boy, I guess they are fake fan boy, I know still think that almost every X-Men should be in the movie just because and wants it just like comic book. Than again, most of those guys stop following comics long ago and they just go by memory when they were young or when they followed comics. (What? What do you mean Superman is married? What do you mean one of Robin died? And what do you mean there is other Super-Heroes beside Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in DC Comics? Etc)

Anyway, enough of me ranting…Here is picture of some Ghost Rider movie; Both Ghost Rider and Ghost Bike (?) looks great. Nic Cage looks little pale for my taste but he is big comic book fan and I do trust him to not mess it up.

What are you looking at?

My bike on fire! .... no, my head on fire too!!

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