Saturday, June 18, 2005

Matrix Online and Guild Wars

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just quick thought regarding Matrix Online…
As I previous mention, I had trouble playing Matrix Online because its interface was little too complex for regular people like me. And I also thought its on-going story feature could hurt the game because in order to follow the whole story you have to play it from beginning, from the first day game was launched.

Now According to NDP Group, Matrix Online only sold 43,100 copies since its launch in late March. No wonder price of game drop to $29.99 already. I really want the game to be successful.. Was the whole Matrix thingy just accident? Maybe it was never meant to be this big. Maybe it got just too big for them to handle…

For me, Guild Wars is so far best on-line game I have played, other game I have played are Final Fantasy XI, Matrix Online, and Everquest Online Adventure (PS2). When I want to online-RPG games, I look for

-Easy game play, I want to just pick up and play without too much learning curve. I want something that does not need special degree just to play.

-Casual play, I do not want to spend 25hr a day. I want something I can play when I have time, usually only 2-3 hours a week. I have busy job and other stuff to do and I do not want to spend my whole life just level up my character.

-Solo play, I am not really into playing with other people. I do sometime group with others but I prefer go solo. I do not want to join group or guild that meet weekly or daily.

-Cheaper the better, even though I do not mind too much paying for good product, I would not mine if it’s cheap or even better free.

Final Fantasy XI was almost impossible if you did not group and you also had to put a great deal of time. So far Guild War is easy, simple, fast and I can play solo. I play 2-3 hours a week and I am having fun so far and I do not have to pay monthly fee :)

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