Thursday, June 09, 2005

Matrix Online's biggest feature and problem

I was one of lucky (?) beta tester for Matrix Online. Although I did enjoy it somewhat for brief moment that I played, it was just little bit too complicated for my taste. I couldn’t figure out all the code and ability thingy.

I been reading review on different magazine regarding to this game and so far no-one mention the one of biggest feature, at least I think, in this game. I believe this feature alone can break or make this game.

I am taking about the “story” or “Live Event” they call it. This game’s story is continuation of last Matrix film, which means it take place after death of Neo. In Matrix Online, major story progress with or without you. Couple of weeks ago, storyline killed off one of main character Morpheus. If you are just starting to play this game now, too bad this already happen and you have missed it. Unless you follow the story and played it from beginning, and I mean play a lot, you will be missing out many of main storyline. It’s like force to watch movie from middle, someone in the audience might fill you in but it’s different than watching it from beginning.

It will be interesting to know how the publisher will persuade customer to purchase this title knowing they will not be starting this game from beginning… Even easily pleased person like me won’t play it from middle of game….

I do not know how the other Online RPG games are but I am playing Guild Wars and so far it’s easy, simple, no monthly fee, and storyline starts from beginning. Best of all, I enjoy it.

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