Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Batman Begins and this year movies

Batman Begins.. Yes, it has begins.

As I watched the movie in IMAX Theater, I was could not close my mouth and forget to wipe the drool off my face.
Yes, this is the best Batman movie, good as or in some part better than Burton/Keaton’s Batman. It’s just pure darkness and no cornball funny stuff like last couple of movies.
Director, Christopher Nolan, brings most realistic vision of Batman to screen and that has paid off in big time. Although, little kids might be turned off by this direction, my friend and I were simply blown away by story and action.

I was little disappointed by this summer movie selection but watching Batman Begins, I can begin to hope for better. All this talk about less people going to movie this year than previous years to me is not about rise of DVD as what some people suspect. I believe major factor in decline is contributed to quality in movies in general.

There are still good movies to watch in Movie Theater but not many great movies. I don’t know but wasn’t there at least couple of major release every week in summer until this year? But somehow now only one major release per week? So far, I have watched most of big summer release and beside Batman Begins, I watched those just because it’s new release and not because I was really looking forward to.

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