Thursday, June 02, 2005

Soul Caliber III E3

This is one of my favorite fighting game series.
Maybe because of different weapons or maybe it’s because I can just button-mash through the game. I can still remember playing I & II just like yesterday.
However, when I saw and played part III, somehow I felt deja-vu instead of being excited. Game’s graphic does not looked improved compare to II and somehow it played same too. I know I will buy it and play it when the game is released but am I finally getting tired of playing same crap, even great crap, over and over again?
Also, I have another complaint to company, Namco. Why bring this game out on Playstation 2 only? What happen to XBOX or Gamecube? Maybe, XBOX 360? I say open up your wallet, Mr. Gate and pay Namco :)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Namco didn't want to make special characters for each system like they did for Soul Caliber II.

Biggercup said...

They do not have to make special characters for each system. They could just bring same game but on different system.