Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What I did on Memorial Day May 30th

My original plan for Memorial Day was to be in office, working hard. However, when my parents Memorial Day Trip got cancelled due to reason unforeseen plus fact that my father decide to work, I had choice of working on holiday and disappoint my mother who wants to do something with me causing her to not cook me her famous specialty food versus take my mother to some place and make her happy and have BBQ later on.

So, I went to Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Long Island. Since, it is Memorial Day, I guess it is kind of patriotic things to see how the old people lived.

Here is some information from Old Bethpage Village Restoration website;

Old Bethpage Village Restoration was born in 1963, when Nassau County acquired the Powell property, a 165-acre farm located on the Nassau-Suffolk border. The acquisition of the land and the plan to develop a historic restoration were timely, for as the march of progress swept Long Island, irreplaceable landmarks were being destroyed at an alarming rate.
In 1963, Plainview's historic Manetto Hill Methodist Church was the very first structure to be saved and moved to the Powell property. Today, there are 51 historic buildings and seven reconstructions (some 15 more will eventually be added), and the site encompasses 209 acres. Buildings are selected based on their architectural detail and historic significance. The goal is to establish a representative sampling of 19th century structures.
After buildings have been moved to the village, they are carefully restored to a specific point in their history, and the lives of the former occupants are thoroughly researched. Each structure is scrutinized for clues to its role in community life; authentic hardware, shingles, and glass are sought; with the help of wills, deeds, and inventory lists, the structures are authentically furnished - in some cases with pieces original to the building.
But the roots of Old Bethpage Village date back even further than the 19th century to the Dutch and English settlement of Long Island. During the 1640s, the colonial settlers founded town "spots" throughout the region. The "spots" functioned as commercial and social centers where taverns, general stores, and meetinghouses were built. In addition to a centrally located town lot, each townsman received outlying fields to use for grazing livestock, growing crops, or harvesting firewood.
By 1700, the English had gained control of the Island, townships controlled whatever land had not already been distributed, and the economy had expanded to include trades dependent on the sea as well as the land. Life remained quiet, unhurried, and closely tied to nature. These patterns, evident well well into the 19th century, can be seen at Old Bethpage Restoration.
It was great to be surround by trees and dirt road. It reminded me when I was little….
As you can see it from the pictures, it was like scene from the movie or picture

We actually went inside of restored old houses and went to animal farm to look at cows, pigs, ducks, etc. Some younger people did not like the smell of animal poo but it bring me just more memory when I was little visiting my father’s animal farm…

Such a great day.. even pictures came out great

another perfect picture on perfect day Posted by Hello

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