Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gameboy Micro E3

Gameboy Micro Posted by Hello

I was very surprised to see this on the show floor. I have not heard anything about it before the show and I went “what the funky fruit?”

Some people might disregard this system as something for Nintendo to squeeze little more $$$ out during holiday season or stupid decision to bring it out.
They say it has small screen, small size and small button. However, despite the small screen, it was very clear and also has backlight. it is design to be hip and cool. Interchangeable faceplate like I-Pod, small enough to be key chain or wear it around neck, and if price is just right it could be must have for all the little kid and hip & cool crowd. It could even be cool enough for girls to carry around.

Even Nintendo is 3rd in overall console race; they are only company that post continuous profits. Being number one and loss money or 3rd place and make money, it is something to think about.

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