Friday, June 17, 2005

Busy working and mouse pad picture

I know, I have not update my blog for a while… I just had been so hectic with work for past weeks. How busy I am? Let’s see…. My friends know me as movie-guy; I go through watching movies like people drinking water. I usually watched at least 3-5 movies a week before. However, now I have not watched any DVDs for at least a month. I still do go see new release movie with my friends but even that is hard to do some time.

I need to get use to my busy schedule soon and learn to manage time better. Heck, if other people can manage work and play, why not me :(

Anyway, I recently got new mouse-pad, I have glass desk and mouse does not work without pad because beam goes right through the glass, and it’s like very thin picture frame and has slot to put your own picture. I been printing and putting new interesting pictures every-now and than. My last picture was poster of Starwars Episode III. My new picture?

It’s from upcoming Playstation 2 game called “Ape Escape 3” In that game they have mini-game spoofing another game called “Metal Gear Solid”

Ape, Monkey, Ape, Monkey, Ape, Monkey, Ape, Monkey ~ ;)

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