Monday, January 16, 2006


Finally, first game that I have finished this year is Infected for PSP.
For me it was perfect game for me to play between work break or subway ride.
Fast game play and short mission was perfect for busy guy like me.

Here are some useless stats about my record,
Total Mission Time: 2:11:20
Total Saved: 307
Total Zombies Killed: 2159
Total Medal Earned: Gold = 20
Silver = 12
Bronze = 3

Fun I had with this game: Priceless

I have also unlocked all the characters beside one you can’t get until game company releases unlock code. (Don’t ask...)
Game is very addictive and made me keep going back to get better score. Somehow killing zombies with Rocket Launcher makes my stress go away for awhile.

Now, moving on to next conquest...

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