Sunday, February 05, 2006

Underworld Evolution

Underworld: Evolution

This movie continues the story of first movie “Underworld” as fight between Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves) comes to end and more sinister and deadly battle to discover the secrets of their origins and bloodlines.
I did like the first movie up until the end. I still think that last fight ended too easy and soon. I also did not like the idea of Vampires can’t see in the dark. What the xxxx is that? They can’t go out in sunlight because they die but still have to use flashlight to see in the dark? If Lycans can evolve from just being werewolves to able to being transformed back and forth, how come those vampires can evolve also to see in the dark? Hmmm… I just do not like the idea of that.
As far as action goes it was great and I thought it was better than first movie. The main bad guy is more powerful and finally somewhat give hell. Michael finally does little more than get beat up as suppose powerful lycan and vampire hybrid, although most of time he still gets beat up left and right, he does get more action time.
Kate Beckinsale does fine job and she gets to show more emotion and range than first movie allowed. And she still looks damn fine with her leather on. Although I like her fine in this movie, I like her more on other movie with less action such as in “Serendipity”. Somehow in both Underworld movie and Van Helsing her talents are being underused.

Oh, another great thing about this movie was that I was rated R and it did not hold back the violence and sex. Stuff that was in there was just right mix of violence and sex and it did not either over use it or underused it. I love it when they do not hold back and I also love it when they do not go crazy and put stuff in the movie just because you can without some control over it. Sex and violence are only good with some control, there is something called too much of good stuff are not really good….

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