Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More games...

I have finished 2 more games! This has to be the record!
I have not finished this much games since High School years.

Tomb Raider Legend for XBOX 360.

Playtime: 14:08:29
Complete 97% (didn’t bother to collect a few items at the end, it wasn’t worth it)
Start date: 6/21
End date: 7/3

This game was great. I have played all the previous Tomb Raider games and this one is the only one that I have played till end. Graphic is excellent, game play is smooth, and length was just about right. I just wish ending was little better as it left too many questions unanswered.

FarCry for PC

Start date: 5/30
End date: 7/3

I tried to get into the game before and somehow I couldn’t get past the first stage. I have finally decided to hold my ground and play this game. Graphic still looks great and game play is excellent also. Game was little too long as some of latter level felt like it was just dragging on and on. Let down ending did not help either. Also another nick-pick was the character looked as he was either short or he was crouching down all the time. It just felt like character I was playing was too close to ground… Maybe it’s just me? Anyway, I did enjoy the game and I do give very high point for different path you can take and freedom you have in this game.

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