Wednesday, August 29, 2007

God of War 2

Upon returning from trip to New York, I really needed exorcise all the stress I got from driving for six hours plus work related stress.

So, I pop in the God of War 2 for Playstatino 2 and I went ape kaka-poo-poo. I took a dinner break and did some paper work for couple of hours, then got back to finish this hard-hard-hard game.

Come to think of it, I have not played PS2 games in…. I don’t even remember when last time I played PS2 was.

I been playing B-C titles for a while and just playing this game makes me shiver with joy. However, even on normal, game was hard enough for me to curse at the Kratos for repeat death.

Only disappointment was the ending… I was expecting for final big battle and then… to be continue.I hated it when Halo 2 pulled that stunt and now it seems more and more titles are using it as sorry excuse for not having great ending.

+1 point for my wife Jun looking at half-naked female character on the screen and saying “what the?” ,

Priceless…. ;)

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