Monday, September 03, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man PS3

I just finished the Resistance: Fall of Man for Playstation 3 over Labor Day weekend.

Great game! Not too long, not too short and best of all you can jump. Somehow when it comes to FPS, I like to jump.

Story is good enough to believe it can happen, if you believe alien can invade earth during WWII that is. I want to see battle takes place in Russia, US and other country in sequel.

Control was tight, however some time during the game, it will go forward or stop
automatically for couple of second even I am not using controller. It might be the game or just wireless signal messing me around.

Only thing I find annoying was the loading time between the level, large hard drive space and Blueray disc. It PS3!! What is loading time doing in my game?

Great Graphic, Not too easy, not too hard difficulty, tight control, and not too long not too short length, and most of all great fun. It’s not the game that will make me a PS3 believer but it’s best PS3 game I have play so far.

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