Friday, August 17, 2007

Eragon the Dragon

I been playing Eragon for XBOX360 that I got it for cheap price about a month ago. Even I did not watch the movie or read the book, I figure I will have decent fun and maybe collect some achievement point too.

Also, who does not like playing as Dragon?

I think I am about mid section of game and although, I am having somewhat fun playing as human character, I just do not like playing as Dragon. I know I suck at almost all flying or driving games but at least I do have fun in some of them. Is it me or Eragon is pain to control always bumping into the wall or tree and she gets hit far too easy.
And... It's female Dragon named Saphira...

I guess I will try to go back and play on normal or easy to finish the Dragon level quick.
I shall rent the movie soon as I am done playing this game. All the Reviews tell me movie is nothing special. However, I do love cheesy, nothing special kinda movie.

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