Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting back to reality...

It’s getting harder and harder to face the fact and accept the responsibility. We all must face reality sometime… sooner or later.

It’s such a hard reality we live in… we sometime create fantasy world to escape all the problems we are having. We indulge ourselves with such distraction that we seldom remember truth, fact and problem that we all must face in real world.

It’s hard, it’s very hard, it could seem like its almost impossible. However, we all must stand up and face what it is that we all must face. As I always tell my friend, “Sometime you must stand and take a shit like a man” I hope I can act on what I preach.


I have been playing “Eragon for XBOX360”. Riding on Dragon was not all I expected. Somehow I like the game more when I am fighting on ground instead or using Dragon. (why do I suck at playing anything that has to do with flying and driving?... I have no sense of direction :-])

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