Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World in Conflict PC Review

I just finished playing “World in Conflict” for PC. I haven’t play RTS game since “Lord of the Ring Battle for Middle Earth II” for PC and that is a while ago. Even RTS games are not my favorite genre, I do enjoy from time to time.

World in Conflict looks great with one of best explosion effect I seen RTS games. Those smoke from explosion looked real. I wasn’t running this game at full capacity (Direct X10) but even without all the graphic features turned on this game still manage to impress me.

Control was easy to learn but only thing I did not like was that camera view was little hard control. Panning and zooming was little off. It’s one of thing that a lot of games are still having problem with and this game is no exception.

Also, I thought voice acting was top notch with Alec Baldwin as narrator. Cut scene between the mission showed human side of story in war and made me care about the characters and game story more.

Playing single player campaign (story mode) was little on short side as it took me about 2 weeks. Actual game time was about 10 hours. But I enjoyed every last minute playing this game.

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