Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hellgate London PC Demo

Hellgate” demo is available today and I downloaded as soon as I could.
It’s supposed be one of biggest PC release this year. It’s basically 3D Diablo as developers are former Diablo creators.

It could be THE game for my friend John. Every time I talk to him on the phone, he just can’t stop talking about Hellgate.
Hellgate is important game for PC as it is one of few AAA titles that are exclusive to PC that is not MMORPG.

Upon playing demo for about 1 hour, I can tell this game is going to be huge. I was very interested to see how they could bring Diablo to 3D and looks like they have done it and then some.
It took some time for me to get used to interface but game play is great and graphic is good also. Depend on character type you choose you can play as FPS type or hack n slash action type game. It could be 2 totally different game if you choose to be.
There was small nick-pick such as collision detection not being too solid and small problem with interface but overall it’s very solid game.

I guess I need to have better PC with DX10 to experience full graphic but it does run pretty good on my P4 pc.

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