Friday, October 26, 2007

Untold Legend Dark Kingdom ~finished!

After countless hours that I spent, I finally beat the Untold Legend: Dark Kingdom for PS3.

I play this game for on and off for couple of month. Even with mostly bad review, I had high hope for this game. Me being Action RPG fan, I really wanted to try and experience what PS3 can do with Action RPG game.

For price I paid for this game, it is not that bad game but this game is far from PS3 game as it can get. This game looked more like PS2 than PS3 game. Bad camera, uninspired graphic, generic story line, and etc. there are simply more bad than good about this game.
I did enjoy using magic and doing combo attack. Action is fast and I did enjoy it for little moment here and there.

Also, I wanted little more RPG in this game. This game is hack n’ slash disguised as Action RPG game. I wanted more stories and more variety.

If I paid $60.00 for this game at PS3 launch, I would be one disappoint and angry PS3 owner by now. However, since I got this at discount price, I am somewhat better-off.

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