Thursday, September 06, 2007

Genji Days of the Blade PS3... played for 30 min

So, I have finally played and finished my first PS3 game, Resistance: Fall of Man, I was looking for my next challenge.

What I want to play is some Nintendo Wii game but until “Rayman Raving Rabbids” ,which I trade with Resistance online with someone, arrives in mail, I need something to hold me till then.

In stand of going back to XBOX360 games, I decide to pop in “Genji” for PS3 and play around little bit.
Hmm.. Graphic is ok, not too shabby, Story looks interesting.. and this being sequel to one on PS2, kinda make me want to that one also.
Add to that this game is suppose be Sony’s answer to Onimusha series which is one of my favorite video game series. (It’s one of a few series that I finished them all)

After about 30 min of playing with 2 different characters, here are my thought,
- Graphic is good and I like the story.
- Is it me or control is hard to get used to.
- Benkei, a giant club wielding monk, second character that I used, is slow as snail.
- I would not paid $60.00 for this game. (I got this one used for around $30)
- And last but not least, Camera, Camera and Camera… bad camera angel and It won’t let you change them.

I will get back to this game some other time in the future but I am going to play something else…

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